7 Ways to Make Your Home Dog Friendly

When you are looking to get a dog into your home, you need to consider first making your home dog-friendly because dogs react differently and are affected in different ways by various materials. Their reaction to things is not the same as humans.

Therefore, consider doing the following things to help you and your dog have a good time living together;

1. Vacuum clean regularly

First things first, you need to vacuum clean your house before getting the dog and after, but mostly after the dog is home. When your dog sits on your chairs or bed or carpets, they will hair on it and more so when the dog is shedding.
Vacuum clean regularly

Dogs shed seasonally – they shed a lot sometimes more than other times of the year. You, therefore, need to geta good vacuum cleaner to help you sort out the mess when that happens.

2. Designated dog play area

A dog likes to have personal space more than anything else after a busy or playful day. Ensure to create a safe space for your dog at home. Designate a place where it is okay for the dog to play, sleep, rest, or just have its own good time.

Dogs value space, they value the time when they can rest away from others. You can have the dog’s toys somewhere close and accessible to this area. Also designating a play area ensures that the rest of your house is not misused by your dog. You don’t want the dog playing in your kitchen, bedroom, or other areas the dog needs to keep off.

3. Furniture that is not attractive to dog chewing

Dogs like to play with fabrics and scratch themselves on them. They also chew on some fabrics and it might be dangerous. To make your living better get furniture that does not attract the dog to chew on them. Dog chews help with teething so this is very natural.

You should opt for surfaces like metal and chrome to ensure your dog finds other things to chew on. When you cannot change your furniture, it is good to buy for your dog chewing treats to help with the teething. This will turn the focus from your furniture.

4. Fabrics that are not magnets for dog hair

Fabrics like velvet, chenille, and mohair among others are magnets for pet hair. Dog hair will easily attach to them and become a nightmare to clean. The dog’s claws also quickly destroy such fabrics.
Fabrics that are not magnets for dog hair
Using leather, synthetic fibres and smooth tapestries are high quality and can withstand your clawed friend. They are also less susceptible to being stuck with dog hair, therefore, easier to clean.

5. Basic dog training

Training your dog is essential for the success of your home in being a pet-friendly space. Beginner pet parents are usually advised to get puppies. Simply because puppies are easier to train and because of their young age learn things much faster as their brain grows.

If you get one of those cheeky dogs consider getting a dog training shock collar to help out with your training. Always remember that positive reinforcement encourages your dog to do the right thing.

6. Provide for views with window treatment

There are times when your dog will be left home alone. You want him to have the best views around your home. Dogs like to have a vantage point. A place where they can perch themselves and watch over your home. You want to find out that place and make sure to do your dog a favour; make the window look better.

For instance, instead of leaving your blinds down when going to work, ensure they are pulled up so that your dog has an easier time watching out. For curtains, leave that window to have lighter fabrics or easier to lift curtains. Or just open them up when you leave.

7. Slip-proof area rugs (or dog-friendly carpets)

Area rugs and carpets protect floors from the dogs clawing and stains. They help absorb the sound of the dog toys falling on the ground. They provide a comfortable surface for your dog to catch some quick nap. They also protect your dog from slipping on smooth floors.
Slip-proof area rugs (or dog-friendly carpets)
Get a carpet or area rug with patterns to that the dirt, stains and pet hair are easily concealed. If you choose a rug, get a double-sided tape under it to help your dog run around the house without accidentally falling and hurting themselves.

If you do get a carpet, you can use your furniture to hold the carpet on the floor for your dog’s safety.

Once you have done these things, go ahead and get your dog. They will be looking forward to enjoying being home. You should never forget to take your dog for a run or walk it in the evenings or during the day. You will need to get the best no pull dog harness when you go for a walk with your dog.

A happy dog is a happy home! A great home is a happy dog!

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