7 Tips to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Paint can entirely transform any space as long as it’s professionally done. All corners of your house should be painted including your kitchen cabinets to make it a place to behold. But it can be a challenge to choose the best color for the cabinets, considering that they will have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. The kitchen cabinets should have the color that pleases your eyes and works well with the rest of the décor. Here are seven tips to help you choose colors for kitchen cabinets.

Decide Which Color Palette to Pick

Decide Which Color Palette to Pick

The most effective way to choose the color palette of your choice is visiting a store that deals with home improvement and selecting the paint chips that look more appealing to you and purchase them.

These paint chips are equipped with colors that match or go smoothly together and so your worries about whether the colors you desire will match in the kitchen or not will be no more.

Consider the Size of Your Kitchen

How big is your kitchen? Some kitchens in some homes are larger than life, while some houses especially the studio houses have tiny kitchens (or none at all). All that matters is what you can afford and a space to prepare your meals.

The color of your cabinet doors can either enhance the look of your kitchen or do the worst. A small kitchen with less light would be better with lighter painted cabinets while dark ones will do big kitchens more good.

Consider the Paint Color of Your Wall

Consider the Paint Color of Your Wall
When picking the suitable paint for your cabinet, you need to think about your wall paint color. Are you planning to change the colors of your walls? You can find cabinet paint that goes well with your next wall paint. If you aren’t planning to change, well, find a color paint that complements your current wall color.

About doing a kitchen remodeling, if you aren’t sure about the color you will paint on your wall, check different cabinet styles to find one that will fit your theme and take it from there.

Create a Contrast

Imagine the set of colors you would want for your kitchen design and the cabinets, and think of the contrast that would be there. The contrast that is typically created when you pair cabinets of a particular color with the kitchen design of another color can be beautiful.

For instance, you can create a contrast between black cabinets with light kitchen design. You can also paint your cabinets gray or dark brown, and they will still look impressive with your light kitchen walls.

Look for ideas and Inspiration

Look for ideas and Inspiration
Check an interior design magazine or Pinterest for ideas. All the platforms will show you the tasty color combinations, how to add colors and the most suitable look for your cabinet in your kitchen.

Use that inspiration to make it your final decision about the best color. Remember to take your time when doing your research to make sure you explore many options.

Consider the Lighting

Consider changing the lighting to change the view of the colors. A color that looks bright in the day and dulls in the evening means you will have to adjust to brighter lighting.

Pick up a sample of paint before purchasing and paint it on the cabinet doors to see the outcome when you turn your lights on or change your lighting instead.

Think of the Mood you Want to Create

What mood do you want to create? Cabinets take the biggest visual space, and you would want to create a cabinet color that defines you and your style.

Once you have made a decision about your cabinet’s color, you can decide which color perfects your kitchen.


The place where you prepare the most delicious meals should be stunning to the eye. Paint those cabinets with a color that gives you joy. As long as it’s your kitchen, you should renovate it according to your desires.

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