7 Tips on How to Light Your Kitchen


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Not only will installing the proper lights in your kitchen help you focus on cooking, but it will also add to the value of your home and it can help create a nice atmosphere. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider before installing new lights. 

In most homes, people spend a lot of time in their kitchens. It’s where we do most of our cooking, often it is a place where kids do their homework and where we write down lists of items we need to buy from the local store. Making sure a kitchen has the right lighting is vital. 

Many fail to create an eye-catching kitchen by overdoing it with the number of lights they install. Of course, you want to be able to see what you are doing, especially when you are dealing with different ingredients and sharp objects, but too much light can spoil the whole design of your kitchen. Experts believe that bulbs that produce too much light or one single bulb that produces a bright light should be avoided. Instead, they recommend that you use a combination of decorative, task, and ambient lighting. To help you achieve this balance, we have combined the following tips. 

1. Install Dimmers

Dimmers are popular in most modern houses these days, but it seems very few people install light dimmer switches in their kitchens. However, they are ideal when you are cooking or doing other tasks in a kitchen. Bright illumination allows you to cook and clean easily, and once your task is complete you can lower the strength of the light by turning down the dimmer. Dimmed lights can help create a nice ambiance in your kitchen, so consider turning it down when it’s time to eat your meal. 

Instead of having all your lights connected to one dimmer, considering installing separate dimmers for each fixture. This will allow you to customize the lighting, depending on the situation. Dimmers are easy to install, inexpensive, and they are available in most electrical stores. 

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2. Choose Popular Lighting Fixtures

Since the pandemic, many people have found the time to do plenty of home renovations. Due to the demand, the market is packed with lots of different lighting options, and by following current trends you can find fixtures that will look great in your kitchen. With experts advising us to stay at home during these unprecedented times, there are plenty of online stores that sell different types of lights. Websites like ThaiHomeShop have a wide range of unique handcrafted products made in Thailand. 

To get the best value on lighting products, don’t be afraid to shop around. Consider getting in contact with the store directly if they don’t have the size you want on their website. 

3. Plan your Lighting Around You

In comparison to any other rooms in your house, the kitchen is probably the room that you will expect to do all different types of activities. Before purchasing any lighting products, keep in mind that you will probably be eating, working, and living in the kitchen. 

Pay attention to the different areas of the kitchen, and what you do in different parts of it. Areas that you use the most will need lots of kitchen task lighting. The products that you purchase should help complement the kitchen’s style. Whether you have a modern kitchen, a traditional kitchen, or even an industrial kitchen, putting a lot of consideration into how you use each area of the kitchen will give you a good understanding of where to install each fixture and what fixture you should buy. 

4. Consider Purchasing Pendant Lighting

Installing the right pendant lights into your kitchen can make it look amazing, plus, they can be used as task lights too. If you have a kitchen island, installing a pendant light above it will make the island stand out. A lot of people like to prepare food on their kitchen island, so having a pendant light facing towards the island will help you see exactly what you are doing.

There are lots of different pendant lights available these days, so finding one that looks good in your kitchen should not be too hard. They can be used to draw attention to the feature, which can help make the island turn into a great dining area or a breakfast bar. If kids do their homework on the kitchen island, a pendant light could prove to be a great investment. 

To avoid banging your head off the pendant light, make sure it is installed at least 36 inches above the kitchen island’s surface. If you are installing multiple pendant lights, make sure each one is at least 30 inches apart from one another.

5. Consider Installing Multiple Kitchen Task Lights

Kitchen task lighting can prove extremely useful when cooking food or cleaning the room’s surfaces. Consider installing multiple lights in areas where you do lots of activities. Just because it’s a functional feature, doesn’t mean it has to ruin the look of your kitchen. Plenty of task lights available can help add to your kitchen’s appearance. There are lots of unique and stylish task lights available that will make certain areas in your kitchen stand out. Some task lights will help areas stand out against dark tones. They can be used to add to the aesthetic of the kitchen. 

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6. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Things Up

With so many different shades available, why not try and change things up a little. Many people like to have multiple lights hanging from their kitchen’s ceiling, and a simple way to add interest to the room is by installing different types of shades instead of using the same one on each light. You can find all types of different colored shades and there are plenty of different shapes and sizes to choose from too. 

Consider hanging each light at different lengths to add even more interest to the room. Sometimes lights hung at different levels can make a huge difference to a kitchen. You may have to change the length of the chord a few times until it fits in with the room’s energetic ambiance. 

7. Consider using Just Bulbs

In a lot of modern designs these days people don’t bother with shades and just use bulbs instead. Although installing exposed bulbs might not always look great, when it does work it can prove to be one of the highlights of a well-designed kitchen. Although exposed bulbs don’t fit in with most traditional kitchen designs, they can make modern kitchens appear edgy and classy. Using exposed bulbs will have to fit in with the color scheme of your kitchen. There are plenty of modern bars and coffee shops that use extremely large exposed bulbs to help create a modern feel. 


Avoid installing electrical appliances yourself unless you are a trained electrician. Making a mistake can prove extremely dangerous. Before purchasing any major lighting products, consider talking to a builder or an electrician about installation first. Adding new lights in your kitchen might not be as straightforward as you might think, so getting advice from a professional can help.

If you are doing a major renovation in your kitchen, it might be a good idea to hire an interior designer to help with your lighting. They will understand the natural light that is coming into your kitchen, and what type of lighting you should install. 

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