7 Tips for Camping in the Rain


You’ve been planning all month for the perfect getaway with your family, and as the camp day is about to arrive, the weather starts to get nasty. Instead of canceling your plans, you can still make it happen! But before that you should collect all the tips for hiking So you can prepare yourself for all the situation with the necessary things like Ledlenser headlamps.

“But how can I enjoy camping in the rain? How do I stay comfortable and dry?” Valid questions, but you don’t need to worry anymore! With 7 tips for camping in the rain, we’re going to prepare you for a fantastic backpacking experience.

Before we start, make sure to research how heavy the rain will be at your chosen campsite.

1.Get a Large Tent


There’s no reason to spend the night in a small tent. Take a canvas tent with extra room in it, so you can cozy up and sleep comfortably while listening to the pitter-patter of the rain. If you are a family of 4 people, you should get the best tent for 6 person. Furthermore, tent designs play an essential role on a rainy day. Suppose you come across one with its roofline directly above the floor, with its drip line outside the tent. This way, the water won’t drip back into the floor.

Another excellent sleeping gear is lining the floor with a plastic sheet or one that has a vapor barrier to keep the ground moisture from getting through to you.

2. Pack Your Layers

The first defense line is to pack waterproof pants, gaiters, and rain jackets to prepare for camping in the rain. A good quality gore-tex raincoat with pit zips can allow more breathability and keep you comfortable during chores such as when you’re hiking around or setting up the tent.

Keep an extra comfortable set of tees if the weather is too humid to keep a jacket on. Don’t forget to bring your hand warmers because you never know how cold the temperatures can get.

3. Bring Ziploc Bags and Shower Caps

You’re probably taking your earphones, maybe even a power bank. Ziploc bags are the way to go to give your electronics the safest place in all the rain. These will save anything that you’re afraid might get wet, including food and medicines.

To put away your soaking wet clothes and even boots, pack some cheap shower caps. You can worry about washing them when you get back home. For just an overnight camp, this is the handiest tip.

4. Prepare Killer Camp Recipes


It’s essential to keep absolutely warm on a cold rainy night in the middle of nowhere. One of the best things about camping in the rainy season is easy-to-prep hearty meals like a pizza or lasagna and warm beverages! Nothing beats hot chocolate with cinnamon sprinkled on top while you relax inside your tent. To cut down the hassle of cooking on-site, prep something easy from home, with a side of sauteed vegetables and mixed herbs for a kick.

5. Don’t Miss Out on Campfire.

What if it stops raining and you regret not bringing any wood at all? Bring stormproof matches and pack some fire starters to get a decent fire started in just about half an hour. These actually work even if the wood somehow dampens. You can still get a fire going on only by sitting at the right spot to cause a windbreak.

Camping without fire would make the experience incomplete, but how can you store wood and keep it dry in the rain? One great tip is to keep it under your vehicle, covered in plastic for extra protection.

6. Flip the Bottle

You wake up in the middle of the night for a sip of water and find that your drink has turned so cold it could practically give you brain freeze. This is because water starts cooling from the top. To avoid this from happening, flip the bottle so that it only cools to a bearable temperature. You can start the morning with a fresh cool drink without risking a sudden cold in the rain.

7. Plan for a Fun Time


Camping isn’t all about gearing up and preparing for trouble! Who said you have to sit around in your tent and sulk? It’s going to be a fun family night, so you better enjoy the campfire or plan a fun indoor activity. When it’s raining, keep yourselves excited with board games or card games in the shelter. And when you can’t sleep at night, listen to a combination of your relaxing playlist to go with the raindrops against your tent.


Being curled up inside a cozy well-lit tent, gathered around your people in the middle of the woods while it’s pouring, can be such a beautiful memory to hold on to. We hope you noted down our tried and tested 7 tips for camping in the rain. So don’t hold yourself back from making memories in the shower and plan that camping trip right now!

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