7 Tea-lightful Ways to Store Tea in Your Kitchen

Are you a tea lover? Yes? Well, then, click here to learn how to effectively store tea in your kitchen!

Tea can be the answer to some of life’s biggest necessities…

Need to fall asleep to make sure you get enough hours for the big day ahead? Sleepy time tea has you covered.

Looking for enough caffeine to help you focus on your tasks at work that day? Tea can give you just the right amount for the boost you desire! A batch of some iced Southern style sweet tea can also be great if you need an extra sugar kick.

Whatever your reasoning for drinking tea, the fact of the matter is that it’s delicious and has some amazing health benefits as well!

However, you shouldn’t just leave that tea anywhere; here are the best ways to store tea and keep it ready for whenever you need it most!

1. Label Your Tea

Before diving into the proper methods of storing tea, there’s one healthy habit you need to develop: label all of your tea.

Tea lovers can get a little carried away buying multiple packs and flavors before they’re done with the current kind they have at home. Before long, there’s a bevy of different mixtures and kinds of tea to choose from.

If you have nifty jars that you like to store your tea bags in, it can be easy to forget what kind of tea is in which jar.

Anytime you fill up a new jar, label it with the type of tea, the flavor, the date you got it, and how it should be stored.

2. Store Each Tea Separately

Teas come in many different flavors, scents, and caffeine levels. They serve many different purposes and should be divided as such.

Some teas are more sensitive to strong smells than others. Storing the two together will complicate the flavor in your delicate teas (for the worse).

Instead, take the time to separate your teas in completely different jars, storing all of the same flavors together will help each tea bag keep its appeal.

You’ll be glad you did when you go to make tea with the best electric tea kettle and have it turn out just as beautiful as it did when you first purchased it.

3. Seal It Nice and Tight

Regardless of the type of tea that you’ve purchased, it shouldn’t have much access to airflow. Too much will cause the items in the tea packs to dry up and lose their shelf life quickly.

Be sure to store your tea bags separately by flavor and pack each bag of the same flavor as tightly together as possible. Place a small cloth on top of the tea bags and under the jar lid.

If you’re looking for cute jars to keep them in, just make sure the jars are short and seal up relatively well.

4. Avoid Humidity at All Costs

Tea shouldn’t be exposed to a lot of humidity prior to being dipped in water for use.

Each bag is packed with the perfect blend of moist-yet-dry texture to it, so it’s up to you to keep that intact as much as possible.

The best way to avoid much humidity is to store your tea into compartments that don’t receive access to much of it. That said, the cabinets in the kitchen may not be the ideal location to store it.

If your pantry is off to the side of your kitchen, then it may be a better spot to store any tea bags that you’re holding onto.

5. Don’t Store Close to Strong Smells

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some foods and spices in the kitchen present a stronger and more distinguishable smell than others.

You’ll want to avoid storing your tea bags next to these smelly food items as much as possible. If kept by them too long, you may notice a funky taste in your favorite tea before long.

While it’s not always possible to find a storage space without any smells at all, use your best judgment to find a place with a minimal amount of it.

Perhaps a storage space next to the dishes or cups might be the ideal spot in your kitchen cabinetry?

6. Avoid Sunlight

You’re probably thinking Wow, tea comes with a bigger instruction manual than I thought it would! Luckily, most of these go hand-in-hand.

For example, if you love storing your tea bags in a jar with a lid, just make sure that jar you’re using isn’t clear glass and you’re good to go!

Mix that with the fact that you’re storing that jar in a cabinet or pantry, and there’s virtually no way sunlight can get in it… Boom! One less thing for you to worry about.

If exposed to too much sunlight, your tea will start to lose its quality prior to the day you end up using it.

Simply put: avoid using clear jars to store your tea and you’ll be all set with this step of the process!

7. Always Opt for Glazed Ceramic Jars

If their trendy look and shiny gleam aren’t enough to convince you, then knowing glazed ceramic jars are the best storage item for tea will propel you to buy some.

Hooking yourself up with glazed ceramic jars will be your best chance of meeting all the needs of your tea storage routine.

They help you pack the tea nice a tight and protect it from strong smells and sunlight as well.

Find Your Favorite Ways to Store Tea

While these steps are certainly helpful in maintaining your tea’s integrity, you may find other ways to store tea in your house better.

Keep an open mind on new ideas and log notes of the results that you find with each new trial method.

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