7 Steps To Perfect DIY Landscaping for Large Homes and Properties


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When you live in a large home that is on a multi-acre piece of property, your landscaping possibilities are endless. With that said, however, having such an enormous piece of land can be overwhelming to plan and organize. 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Thankfully, there are many landscaping resources and services available to help you with all of your property’s outdoor building and grooming needs. From tree services to concrete trailers, garden specialists and more, a large landscape offers many opportunities to add more value. To start, consider these seven steps. 

Write It Down

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty of all the landscaping glory that your enormous property space offers, the very first thing to do is to write everything down. Sure, you have a million great ideas, but they can be difficult to implement if they are only in your head. For this reason, ideas work best when you write them down. Grab a laptop or a pen and paper notepad and start jotting down thoughts.

Collect Your Ideas

The next to perfect DIY landscaping for large homes and properties is by collecting all your ideas as you write them down. Instead of scribbling just one or two, keep going. Why stop with only a couple? Take some time to look around your property’s landscape. As you do, reflect on ideas that may have come to mind over the years as you have enjoyed your living space. Sometimes, people imagine the perfect home without ever putting all their ideas together. Now is your chance to do it!

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Study Your Landscape

To really get a grasp on what you should do with your landscape, you must dedicate adequate time to studying it. Whether you decide to grow a small forest or build a parking lot area with the help of a concrete mixer trailer, you need to really understand the area you plan on working with. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to do this is simply by spending time observing the land.

Plot and Plan

Next, you need to plot and plan what you want your future landscape to look like. After taking notes during your careful property studying sessions, you can decide where you want everything to go. For example, think about the plants. Often, the best place to plant is next to the house. In addition, you want to think about the types of structures you may want to add to your landscape. Consider decorative and functional ideas (or both). Think about where they might fit alongside greenery.

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Pick Your Vegetation

Speaking of plants, after the plotting comes vegetation. While shrubs and flowers can definitely add a nice decorative touch, there can also be many tree-investing benefits to contemplate. From improving air and water quality to reducing flood risks and erosion, trees can be awesome property neighbors. Furthermore, trees can have a positive effect on your backyard’s climate. Did you know that trees can lower the surrounding temperature by a noticeable degree in the daytime?

Be Precise

Lastly, you want to make sure that you carefully define all of your landscaping areas before calling in a tow truck or concrete pump trailer. Remember, careful planning and precise measurements can end up saving you a significant amount of money down the road. To prevent unnecessary redos or cleanup fees, make sure you request the right property building services the first time. 

Owning a large home on a sizable plot of land is a unique opportunity to build an enjoyable and environmentally friendly landscape that can last for years. Take a look at your yard this weekend. What kind of magic could you do to your property? 

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