7 Smart Ways to Hide Household Eyesores


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Everyone expects to have their homes look like a place for a magazine subject but still comfortable for our families to live on. However, whatever we do, there are always functional eyesores that can be hard to hide to make our interiors perfect. Ranging from tiny eyesores such as cable wires and cat litter to household essentials such as infrared indoor heaters, we all want to hide them or make them look good whenever we see them.

There is nothing wrong with getting home essentials, but there are things that are often used or cannot be hidden entirely from our sight. Small things can be kept in cabinets and storage areas but other functional appliances cannot be hidden. If you are having a hard time keeping these household eyesores off your sight, you can try solutions to prevent them from being an eyesore.

Tie Up Tangled Wires and Cables

These are often found in the living room or office nooks. If you own a computer, expect that there are power and internet cables around the area. Also, cords from the mounted TV can be annoying and may destroy our wall’s clean image.

To keep these off from your sight, you can put a tall cabinet below the mounted TV to keep your console or other devices connected to the TV hidden. To keep the cables hidden, tie them up together and use a pile of books to cover the bundle of cables.

Use Uniform Containers On The Bathroom

If you’re a minimalist, looking at different branded containers on your bathroom shelves can be annoying to the eyes. Having a bathroom with different bottles may look cluttered. You can try transferring these bathroom essentials to matching sets of labeled bottles to make it look tidy. Make sure not to use glass bottles as they can be slippery when used with soap or shampoo.

Shift To an Infrared Picture Heater

A heater is an essential home appliance, especially during winter. It evenly distributes the heat around the house which is almost similar to the warmth provided by the sun. Old infrared indoor heater models have a radiator which is an eyesore. With modern technology, manufacturers have created an infrared picture heater that can be used to decorate and provide warmth to your home. 

The heating panel of the modern infrared picture heater can be printed with a family photo or your chosen illustration. These are printed on a wall or ceiling-mounted and powder-coated stainless steel. Since this looks like a picture on a wall, no one will think that this is a heater panel.

Use Cat Litter Concealer

Having a pet cat is great especially if you are stressed from a whole day’s work. However, the cat’s litter box can be annoying to the eyes and may destroy the looks of your interiors. Hiding them under a box with a curtain may still show the litter box and some cats may also play with the curtains which will eventually damage them. 

There are kitty concealers available on the market which you can use instead. You can put them in a corner where there is not much activity.


DIY Trash Cabinets

If your kitchen is not equipped with trash bins, your trash bags or trash cans are most likely to be placed beside kitchen sinks which can also be an eyesore. We do not want our kitchen to be remodeled just because of a trash bin, but we can build a trash drawer where there is a built-in trash bag inside. This can be a good idea, but there might be times that the trash will be left inside. 

Make a Drawer With Electric Outlets

Though plugging a single mobile phone is normal, charging multiple devices on outlets can be an eyesore since the cables may tangle with each other. If you want to hide them, you can designate a drawer with an outlet inside to keep your chargers, cables, and mobile phones off of sight when charging.

Ditch The Piled Up Storage Boxes 

There are times that we put things on storage boxes where we can easily take them out. However, if you want a house that looks good on a magazine feature, using storage boxes can be a bit of an eyesore. 

For this household stuff, you can create cabinets under your staircase to keep some of the household items, even shoes. Also, you can make staircase drawers to keep your rugs, umbrellas, or anything that you use and leave often around.


Seeing unwanted household items can be annoying especially if you want to keep your home interiors looking perfect. With these ideas, you can hide the common household eyesores even if you always use them.

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