7 Smart Ways To Achieve A Stunning Hamptons Style Kitchen


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Getting that Hamptons style right in your kitchen can be quite elusive if you’re not a pro interior designer. Yet even without interior décor qualifications, you may be able to achieve the kitchen design of your dreams. With knowledge, design familiarity, and a contractor, you could get that design built right in your home’s kitchen space. 

Hamptons style kitchen is a stylish and sophisticated, yet uncomplicated style of kitchen design that’s inspired by the luxury homes found along the Hamptons coastline in New York State.

The guiding principles when decorating your kitchen for this style include: 

  • Light and Brightness 
  • Simple and Clean Lines
  • Affordable Luxury 

Whether you have a big or small kitchen, it can be a really fun place to design if you’re into interior décor. If you want your kitchen to have that Hamptons feel in both situations, there are a few things you’re going to have to consider. This article discusses 7 smart ways to achieve this style in your kitchen: 

1. Your Storage

A key element for an effortlessly stylish kitchen is smart storage, which starts with a well-thought layout. Organized storage means everything has its rightful place, making it easy to put things away after use and find them when you need them. Starting with your storage system often results in the biggest transformation of all. 

Whether you’re installing new cabinets or adding kitchen islands, maximizing storage space will help you create the functionality required for entertaining large groups. Using cabinets for extra storage space helps avoid the common Hamptons Style Kitchen mistake of over-cluttering your counters with appliances and other items.

2. The Perfect Color Palette

 Some striking features of the Hamptons are its serene blue skies, sparkling seas, and lush green vegetation. They’re ideal color backdrops for creating an effortlessly attractive kitchen decor scheme. The key here is not just choosing colors that will look great against the backdrop of a beach house or garden terrace but also creating enough visual interest. This is to stop the space from looking too sterile, cold, or clinical, so feel free to play around as long as you stay close to the theme!  It might sound like an impossible task at first but it’s easier than you think.

3. Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floors are a great way to complete your Hamptons-style kitchen update. They work well with white cabinetry and bathrooms while also adding warmth to modern dark surfaces. 

Look for wood flooring that has been engineered using multiple layers (at least 5) of different types of hardwood veneers. It’s one of the secrets behind their natural variation in tone that can look convincingly vintage even though it’s brand new. Just make sure you choose a finish that is durable enough to withstand water spills and everything that typically goes on in a kitchen. 

4. Frame And Panel Cabinetry

When it comes to your kitchen furniture choice, framed and panel cabinets are a classic design feature for creating an instant sense of luxury in any Hamptons style kitchen. Framed cabinets have side panels that provide extra depth, adding definition without taking up too much room. Also, their contrast against light surfaces, like white cabinetry, and even stainless-steel appliances, is visually interesting and attractive.

5. Marble Or Tile Splashback

Marble or tile splashbacks work best in the Hamptons Style Kitchen because they pick up on its coastal influences. At the same time, it provides the kind of durability needed to resist water spills during summer barbecues by the poolside. Choose natural stone tiles in a shade that complements your color scheme and you’ll be guaranteed a timeless look for years to come.

Residential interior of modern kitchen in luxury mansion, 3d rendering
Interior of modern kitchen in luxury mansion, 3d rendering

6. Oversized Pendant Lights

The finest luxury homes in the Hamptons are often filled with oversized pendant lights, which can add warmth and character to room designs. A part of their appeal is that they use more material than the traditional ceiling or wall spotlights. This helps your kitchen feel suitably grand while also creating space-saving lighting solutions. Just make sure you choose the right type of bulb, such as an energy-efficient LED, and use dimmers to adjust the mood according to your preferences.

7. The Butler’s Kitchen Sink

A butler’s sink is another design feature that can add a touch of class to almost any modern kitchen or bathroom. They work best in renovation projects where there is ample space. Their alluring appeal lies in their practicality. Thus, you could have more storage space for items like tea towels and dishcloths while still allowing you to keep your counters clear from clutter. For a truly opulent look, consider choosing a vintage finish with ornate brass handles.


With a little bit of creativity and the right inspiration, creating a stylish Hamptons-style kitchen can be pretty easy. The design features mentioned in this article are often what makes any Hamptons-style kitchen kick. When updating your home with a modern twist, applying the tips above could help you avoid breaking the bank. Whether it’s a beach or coastal kitchen style you’re aiming for, there are a lot of cost-effective design solutions you can follow!

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