7 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Appliance Repair Service vs. DIY

It’s highly doubtful there’s a household where not a single appliance is used. The truth is we rely on home appliances more than we ever did before. Their significant utility pops out when suddenly something breaks down. We’ve all experienced our home devices’ mood swings when they decide to stop working at the epicenter of the crisis.

Most of us wonder whether it makes sense to spend money and hire a professional technician or simply get the job done on their own. It all depends on the situation we’re dealing with and sometimes we can try and tweak an appliance ourselves. However, unless we know how to fix it, it’s always better and smarter to call an appliance repair service company.

It is estimated that in the US only 98% of households own a refrigerator. And we all know this is just one device out of several others. With so many appliances around used on a daily basis, the likelihood of breakage is quite high. So what is the first thing you do when something stops working? Is it your reflex to call a technician or do you prefer to DIY?

What to Do When Your Home Appliance Breaks Down

What to Do When Your Home Appliance Breaks Down

Okay, there are things that are not even worth repairing. Sometimes the cost of parts and manpower exceeds the total price of the appliance – in this case, you should forget about spending your time and money on trying to fix the issue. You simply need to replace the entire unit. But on other occasions, you will be standing at the crosswords thinking which approach makes more sense in terms of time and money.

DIY concept and countless online tips have given people a lot of handyman confidence. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about fixing your home appliances yourself providing you’re not doing it by trial and error. That being said most of us can easily perform some basic troubleshooting. The majority of appliances malfunctions are caused by poor maintenance such as lack of cleaning. Your fridge isn’t cold enough? How about washing the gasket and coils? The microwave doesn’t warm food up? Dirty oven walls may be the problem. Don’t forget to unplug your appliances before you approach them with a wet cloth. Safety first!

It all sounds easy peasy now and we’re all tempted to do everything around the house ourselves but remember that fixing appliances on your own can cost you more money, effort, not to mention handling electrical repairs is always life-threatening! Don’t attempt a job if you know nothing or very little about it. It’s better to call a professional technician and let him take care of your appliances.

Why Should You Hire an Appliance Repair Service?

Some people say there’s usually no need to hire a technician because the manufacturer provides a warranty ensuring that any damage will be fixed free of charge. Oh is that so? The reality is often much darker than expectations and this is when people face another stamper: to fix or not to fix? You should know that appliances will sooner or later wear and tear but with a pro repairman, it will be much later than you’d think. Still unsure? Consider our 7 reasons why you should hire an appliance repair service company.
Why Should You Hire an Appliance Repair Service

#1 Lower Long-Term Cost

Tampa based appliance repair technicians share that the majority of faults are caused by people tempting to fix the issue themselves. They want to save money but they usually end up spending more. If you try to repair something on your own, you risk doing more damage to your appliances due to lack of knowledge and tools. Hiring a professional technician is cost-efficient in the long run especially when they maintain your home equipment on a regular basis.

#2 Time Efficiency

Let’s state the obvious – time is money. Doing repairs yourself can indeed save you some money but is it worth your time? You should consider all the pros and cons of such a solution but let us give you a hint – a professional technician can get the job done in a fraction of the time you’d spend on it. Besides, a well-done repair will add some extra time to your appliance’s lifespan.

#3 Safety

You should never underestimate the safety factor. Handling electrical fixtures is extremely risky. A report prepared by the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that between 2004 and 2013 an average of 17% of electrocution fatalities a year were caused by home appliances. That means that almost every fifth of electrocutions did, in fact, happen in residential areas. A professional handyman, however, is able to repair the issue according to the highest safety standards. There’s no need you should risk your health.

#4 Warranties Benefits

Allowing an appliance repair service company take care of your home equipment comes with benefits, and one of them is a warranty. If you DIY, you’ll keep repeating this procedure over and over until it’s time to replace the device entirely. A professional technician provides a warranty on the repairs which means that in case of another malfunction, the company is responsible for a follow-up service.

On the other hand, letting a licensed handyman deal with the problem preserves the manufacturer’s warranty. Many appliances require professional service in order to validate the original insurance so if you don’t want to lose it, you’d better hire a pro.

#5 The Right Tools to Do the Job

Most people don’t keep professional tools in their garages in case an appliance breaks down. Such equipment is usually quite pricey and intended to be used by a licensed technician. The benefit of hiring a repairman is obvious – quick and efficient service thanks to advanced tools. They not only allow them to fix your appliance but also diagnose the problem in the first place.

#6 Convenience

A professional is able to repair failures much quicker than you do. Admit it! This directly translates to convenience, doesn’t it? You only need to call an appliance repair company, make an appointment, and when they come, point at the appliance and let them do the ‘dirty’ work. Don’t forget about all the convenience you’ll get after the device is working again.

#7 Longer Lifespan of Your Appliances

Lower bills, time-efficiency, proper tools, safety – a full package provided by a professional appliance repair company. But let’s not forget about one more benefit, i.e. longer lifespan. If a professional handled a repair, it is very likely that the efficiency of the appliance has been restored and it is able to run as smooth as it once did. Thus, you won’t need to fix it again anytime soon and you can enjoy the benefits of an almost brand-new appliance.

Final Thoughts

Working with an appliance repair service company is highly beneficial for both your wallet and your home equipment. Technicians will save you not only money but also time ensuring your safety and prolonging the lifespan of appliances. If you want them to run smoothly by restoring functionality don’t hesitate to contact a professional technician even if you’re feeling a bit stingy. Remember that it will eventually pay off and save you troubles.

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