7 Practical Tips to Deal With Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

Your home is a source of comfort and warmth, and you get isolated from the pains of the outside world once you step into your wonderland. But, you are not the only one looking for warmth, which is why many homeowners are often visited by uninvited guests that are commonly known as pests.

There are various types of pests and have to be dealt with in some peculiar ways, but there are some dangerous ones like bed bugs who deserve more attention than others. Therefore, we have listed here seven practical tips to deal with bed bugs in your home so that you can go back to live a comfortable life.

1. Mark the infested areas:

If you have woken up in the morning with welts on various parts of your body, it is a clear sign that your mattress may be infested with bed bugs. Therefore, start hounding for other traces of bed bugs like droppings that looked like a black period. Bed bugs have extremely tiny bodies that facilitate them to sneak into cramped up spaces like seams of a mattress.
Mark the infested areas

Therefore, pick up a flashlight and start looking for bed bugs in places like sofa cushions, furniture joints, underneath the wall hangings, inside electrical sockets, and various cracks in the house.

2. Contain the infestation:

After you have identified the infested areas, you must contain the outbreak, and the best tools you can use to contain are vacuum cleaner and plastic bags. Firstly, vacuum all the infested areas and seal them in plastic bags to ensure that the bed bugs are neither able to get out nor get in the plastic seal.

3. Kill the bed bugs naturally:

Once you have sealed and separated everything in plastic bags, classify your stuff into washable and non-washable items. Put your washable items like infested clothes and bedding into the washing machine and let it run for 30 minutes in a hot water cycle because pests become inactive and die at extreme temperatures. You can also put the infested items in the refrigerator where pests will be frozen to death.

Put your non-washable stuff like furniture and décor items outside if it is sunny and let them bathe in high-intensity ultraviolet radiations. Such long exposure to sunlight can result in the extermination of bed bugs as they will be unable to cope up with the extreme heat.

4. Kill the bed bugs chemically:

Kill the bed bugs chemically
You can also find several various EPA approved insecticides that can exterminate bed bugs in a jiffy. The most common pesticides include Pyrethrins, Pyrroles, Neonicotinoids, and there is also something called bug bomb available in the market to eliminate bugs.

5. Call the Professionals:

If you are unable to contain and eliminate the bed bug infestation and things are going out of hand, do not wait any further and call the professional services immediately like the local pest control in O’fallon.

In a nutshell, bed bugs are not something that can be taken casually because they multiply at a rapid rate and will run over your home in no time. Therefore, give them their due respect and strive religiously to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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