7 Popular Interior Design Styles for Prefab Homes


Prefab Homes

Because they’re already so customizable, decorating prefab homes can be a lot of fun. Find out seven popular interior design styles for prefab homes here.

If you’ve settled on a prefab home, you have seen all the ways that you can customize and make it your own. Soon you’ll be ready for the next step: decorating.

Finding the right style to help you feel comfortable in your space isn’t always easy. Here are seven interior design styles for your prefab home that can help your new locale feel right.

1. Energy-Efficient Interior Design Styles

When you’re conscious of the environment and your carbon footprint, it may be important to you to have a home that reflects your values. Choosing an energy-efficient prefab home can overflow into the decor style, not only the architectural and functional aspects. This style focuses on the “why” behind your ornamentation and leaves room for recycled pieces that might not match.
Energy-Efficient Interior Design Styles
It’s more important for decorations and interior design pieces in an energy-efficient space to have a story behind them. Homeowners choose these pieces for their function. That means eclectic furniture and meaningful art are more valuable than coordinated design. Choose pieces you like that you can feel good about rather than worrying whether they go together.

2. Country Living

If you’re hoping your prefab home will be cozy and charming, a country living style could work well.

Some people worry about how others will react to their prefabricated home, but with a warm, inviting space, they’ll have a hard time objecting. You can click here to learn more about the neighborhood response to prefab homes.

The country look uses a lot of floral patterns with rosy tones and yellows. Big chairs and oversized furniture work well with this decor, along with a few antique pieces thrown in the mix. Dark wood trim with light paint and gingham or calico hearken back to days of old, while still giving your home a modern, welcoming feel.

3. Minimalist Styles

The movement toward tiny homes and minimalist living goes well in a prefab home without as much space. Without the overstuffed chair that you’d find in a country cottage, owning fewer possessions translates to decorating with less stuff. It’s a more basic style, with singular art pieces featured on a wall, instead of covering it in frames.

This decor method often uses plain white or a basic accent wall and block colors instead of floral patterns or busy-looking shapes and forms. When you decorate with the minimalist style in your prefab home, try to use grays and neutrals to accent one geometric pattern or piece instead of covering the space with the distracting items. It can feel relaxing to spend time in a minimalist space that doesn’t assault the senses.

4. Farmhouse Chic

Different than country style, farmhouse chic employs distressed furniture and faux paint jobs to evoke a modern take on rustic looks. Rather than using dark wood and log cabin type decor that you think of as rustic, farmhouse chic uses more whites and brighter tones throughout the home to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. Motifs of farm animals like cows, pigs, and chickens also get used a lot throughout the space.
Farmhouse Chic
From wicker basket drawers to flour sack towels and rough-hewn wooden trays or knick-knacks, farmhouse chic makes it trendy to look upcycled and salvaged. You can also use sliding barn doors to make the most of small enclosures, and high ceilings with exposed beams to create a feeling of space. The style still creates a sense of sophistication, though.

5. Lake House Living

When your motto is “Life is better at the lake,” lake house style may be your favorite, even if you don’t live by the water. Identifiable by the navy blues and whites, along with shiplap and its clean, fresh feeling, lake house style makes you feel like you’re free and relaxed. It uses decor items that remind you of the water, like anchors, rope, and boats, along with paddles and cleats that you moor a boat to.

The style also employs smaller windows that remind you of portholes. Some even install round windows and actual portholes from ships for an authentic experience. Decks work well with this style and would be great to extend space for a prefab home, too.

6. Woods and Forest

Sometimes a rustic log cabin is exactly the style you want to come home to. The design gives you a sense of being in a hideaway, deep in the forest where no one can bother you. Some motifs like bears, canoes, and pine trees can be useful, but they aren’t necessary to make a cabin home feel comfortable.

This style uses brown tones and deep greens to draw you into the magic of the trees. Often there’s a great room or large picture windows to give you a view into nature and the outdoor scenic vistas. The other big feature you see a lot with forest themes is a fireplace with a stone mantel, something you can customize your prefab home with nowadays.

7. Vintage 1950s

Giving a nod to this classic decade is about more than poodle skirts and hot rods. While these 10 years in history were characterized by prosperity and conformity, mid-century modern interior design style portrays it as vintage idealism. Bright reds, yellows, and other bold colors gave it confidence, along with blocky, square furniture and metal accents.
Vintage 1950s
Choose funky antique pieces or replications, along with pop culture icons like Elvis or Lucille Ball. Coca Cola branded items are very retro, and for the kitchen, black and white tiles work well. If you want a prefab home that helps you remember a happy home and picturesque life, then the 1950s could work for you.

Your Personal Style

With so many options to choose from, knowing yourself and the ideal ambiance for your new home is the best way to choose from these interior design styles.

Whether you go minimalist, eco-friendly, or you’d rather find something cozy like farmhouse or country style, your new prefab home will be a place for you and your guests to relax and build relationships.

Choose decor that matches the heart and values of your family, and you can’t go wrong.

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