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7 Incredible Ideas to Make Your Living Room Appear Luxe

Your living room is the center stage of your house. Isn’t that true? You entertain your guests in the living room, you spend most of your time there, and it’s undoubtedly the most used space in every household. 

Thus, the least you can do is keep your living room in top-notch condition. Make sure it looks great all the time so that you can have an impression on everyone who visits your home. A nicely decorated place will also keep your mood elevated, which is another benefit. 

In this article today, I’m going to highlight some of the most incredible ideas to make your living room appear luxe. Luxury is no less than an art and following the tips mentioned below, you can add an extravagant touch to your space:

A Theme for Your Living Room

Before starting the process of renovation and decoration, you need to have a theme or a color scheme. The theme you choose will lay the foundation of decor for your living room. Choosing a theme is pretty simple. There’s not much you need to do. 

What’s your favorite color? Simply stick to your favorite shade and be sure to follow it till the end. As a bonus tip, I suggest you choose a dark-colored theme if your living room is spacious. Simultaneously, a subtle or light color would work well for a congested space. How simple is that?

Textured Walls

Once you’re done choosing the theme, you need to move towards the wall paint. If you’re looking to give your living room an extravagant touch, simple wall paint is not going to cut it. Textured wall paint may be a little expensive, but it can make your space appear luxe instantly. 

If you’re on a budget, you can go for wallpaper. Wallpapers are relatively cheap and there’s a huge variety available in the markets these days, so finding one according to your theme won’t be an issue. 

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Ranking third is the woodworking in your living room. Please know that wood comes in multiple shades. People usually skip this part of choosing the shade of wood and that’s what ruins their theme at the end of the day. 

When choosing the color of the wood, keep your theme or color scheme in mind. Simultaneously, make sure the shade of your cabinets matches that of the bookshelves, coffee tables, and central table in the living room. It’s the symmetrical order you need to maintain.

Curvy Furniture

There’s no point in using the old furniture when redoing your living room. It is one thing I suggest you splurge on. Get a new couch, a few chairs with curvy legs, small-sized coffee tables, and a wooden central table. 

Again, keep the theme of your living room in mind when buying the furniture. To add a touch of comfort, be sure to add lots and lots of cushions to your space. Cushions have the ability to make your space appear warm and comfortable. And if anything, a living room MUST be comfortable.

Miscellaneous Items

A number of miscellaneous items are required when it comes to renovating or decorating your living room. There are a few things that you must invest in as they can make quite a difference. However, it’s a versatile list of items, so I cannot place them in one category. 

Start with getting everything fixed on the wall; for example, the plasma TV in your living room will look a lot better when wall-fixed. Similarly, get separate mats for the coffee table in your living room. I’m sure you don’t want to ruin their polish with coffee stains. 

Moreover, please get a mini portable generator as an energy backup. Do you want to take any chances with your guests? If not, a backup generator is necessary.

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Area Rugs

It usually gets boring when you stick to one theme or color scheme for everything. Although it makes your space appear to be symmetrical, it can also make it look dull. But you need not worry as it can be fixed. 

You can add a dash of color to your living room by getting a nice area rug for it. I have two area rugs in my lounge since it’s pretty big. Also, the goal is to make your living room luxurious, so I suggest you buy a Persian rug. 

Persian and Afghani rugs are popular around the world for their fine-knit quality and beautiful designs. Yes, they’re a little expensive, but they’re worth splurging. 

Go Green

Last but not least, please add some green to your space. Are you confused? Well, it’s simple. You can effortlessly do that by adding a few indoor plants to your living room. Plants usually require sunlight to survive and it’s not always possible to keep them around the windows, so I suggest buying indoor plants. 

I’m sure some of you will be concerned about the bugs plants bring along. I have a solution for that, too. There are various bug-repelling plants available. They’ll not only add to the beauty of your living room but will also keep the bugs and rodents away. Isn’t it great? 

Let me give you a few examples. Peppermint, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, lemon thyme, sage, and basil are a few examples of bug-repelling plants. They’re easily available in the markets, so getting your hands on one wouldn’t be a problem.

The Takeaway 

In order to make your living room luxe, you’ll have to work on it. It will require a considerable amount of money, too. In fact, if you have an open budget, I suggest you add a chandelier to your living room as well. It will instantly provide your space with a touch of extravagance. What they call luxury at its finest! 

Rest assured, your living room will look prominently luxurious and classic by following the tips and tricks mentioned above. I wish you all the best, my friends! Have a great day ahead!

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