7 Coolest NYC Neighborhoods to Live In


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Are you planning to move to one of the hippest neighborhoods of NYC? If yes, then this guide would prove to be immensely useful to you. We have covered the coolest neighborhoods of NYC in this article for your perusal. 

There are three basic aspects that a person moving to a new place would always scout for: decent location, suitable sized home, and a great deal on the price. The place that fits this aspect description would be the ideal place for you to relocate. Based on the research and popular choice, here are the coolest NYC neighborhoods to live in 2021:

Downtown Brooklyn

At the top of our list is a location just over the Brooklyn Bridge: Downtown Brooklyn. For those who like to live in a trendy neighborhood with all sorts of convenience, Downtown Brooklyn would be just right for you. 

You will find plenty of shopping and dining options in this part of the town. Also, you would get a vibe of 24×7 life where transportation availability is above par.  Finding a house in this neighborhood is easy on account of ample residential inventory. 

Greenwich Village

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Also known as “The Village,” this neighborhood never fails to charm the populace. It is located in Manhattan and is considered to be one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of NYC. This birthplace of the LGBT movement is a historic place with a bohemian past. 

If you are looking for a cool place to reside in NYC, “the village” would not disappoint you. The diverse neighborhood is the second home to famous celebrities like Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, Cher, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

SoHo, Manhattan

Before you finalize your residence in NYC, do check out SoHo. It is one of the hippest places in New York City. From high-end hotels to fancy restaurants, you can experience world-class living in SoHo. This classy place is also home to the shopping street on Broadway. 

Living in SoHo is expensive, but living here would be worth it if you have the bucks to spare. It is a place for “the classy,” and you can expect to cross paths with something exciting every day in SoHo.


Chelsea has been home to a few world-class artists. Chelsea will be a great option if you are contemplating living in an NYC place with an appeal of its own. It has a great active neighborhood, and finding great restaurants, bars, and shopping places is never an issue here. You can easily reach the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden from Chelsea.

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Tribeca (aka. Triangle Below Canal)

If you can afford it, there is hardly any place in NYC that matches this niche and classy neighborhood. Living in Tribeca is expensive. However, it is also one of the hippest places to live in Manhattan. If you like living in style with a hint of elegance, then Tribeca is the place for you.  

Hell’s Kitchen

Don’t just judge this place by its name. Hell’s Kitchen is a cool neighborhood to reside in. People here are fun-loving, and you can easily find great restaurants or theatres. Hell’s Kitchen is popular for its Broadway and off-Broadway theatres. The famous Bryant park in Hell’s Kitchen has an ice-skating rink during winters, and movies in summers are free here. 

Midtown Manhattan

The list of the coolest neighborhoods of NYC cannot be complete without the mention of Midtown Manhattan. It is one of the busiest places in NYC that is crowded with tourists all the time. If you love crowds and bright lights, then Midtown Manhattan is worth considering. You would never get bored living in this trendy and exclusive neighborhood. 

If you are moving to NYC for the first time, you may find this guide useful.

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