7 Clever Tips to Significantly Lower Electric Bill



Life has gotten pretty expensive. In addition to that, the economy has been suffering since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown has caused many people to lose their jobs. For this reason, most people are finding ways to cut expenses and save money. We spend so much money every month on utility bills. Most people spend over 1000 dollars every month on electricity so finding ways to reduce electricity expenses can really make a difference in your finances. There are ways that you can not only reduce your electricity bill but also protect the environment so keep reading for some helpful tips.

Get an Electricity Audit

You can’t take any steps to reduce your electricity bill without first having an idea of the amount of electricity that you have been using. This is done by hiring a professional electricity auditor who will come to your home and identify where you may be losing energy. Once you identify these areas, you will know where you can start cutting energy. Many electricity companies offer free energy auditing services so you should take advantage of this free service. You can also check out informative articles on the web by searching “why texas electricity bill so high” if you live in that area to learn more about what may be causing high energy costs and how to lower it further.

Change Your Lighting

You probably know that in order to lower your electricity bill, you should turn off the lights when you leave a room. That being said, there is more that you can do to notice a real difference in your bill. You should consider replacing your light bulbs with LED lights. LED light bulbs will help you save money not only because they are energy efficient but because they also last much longer than regular light bulbs.

Adjust the Thermostat

Do you know that your thermostat consumes a lot of electricity? Naturally, you can’t live without heat but you can learn how to use your thermostat wisely to save electricity. You can try lowering it by 2 degrees to 5 degrees which will save you from 5 to 10 percent on your heating bill. You can also opt for a smart thermostat that will automatically adjust the temperature. 

Use Solar Panels

If you want to save money and protect the environment at the same time, you should consider using solar panels. Solar panels work by converting sunlight to electricity. If you don’t know how to choose the right solar panel for your family and your home, there are various packages that fit every home size and the amount of energy they use. Using solar panels is the smart thing to do now. Our environment is suffering and every little step towards change can help save the planet.

Unplug Appliances

Even when your appliances aren’t working, they still consume energy. This energy is called phantom loads and they cost you about 100 dollars each year. In order to save money, you should unplug your devices when you aren’t using them. However, it may be inconvenient to always unplug big appliances so simply unplug smaller ones like your coffee maker, air fryer, or blender. This simple act won’t require any effort and will certainly lower your electric bill.

Water Usage

The way you use your water has a huge impact on your electricity bill. Water heaters consume a lot of energy which increases your electricity bill. If you want to reduce your expenses, you should take shorter showers which will save water and thus save electricity. You should also consider opting for energy-efficient showerheads. In addition to that, by lowering your water heater temperature, you are saving money and energy as well. Your water heater is probably set to 140 Fahrenheit which is extremely unnecessary. You can change it to 120 Fahrenheit instead. 

Change Energy Supplier


Changing your energy supplier will seriously lower your electricity bill. Search online and ask friends and family for recommendations until you find the cheapest provider. There are also websites that compare prices to help you make the most cost-efficient decision. In order to manage your bills online and to guarantee that you choose a great plan, you should select a digital account. Additionally, ensure you send your energy supplier your meter reading regularly in order to guarantee that you are charged the correct amount.

Everyone wants to save money but most people don’t notice that conserving electricity can do just that. We spend an unnecessary amount of money on electricity every month. You can save huge sums by doing simple things like hiring an electricity auditor, changing your bulb type, adjusting your thermostat, using solar panels, unplugging your appliances, using water wisely, and switching energy suppliers. These are simple steps that won’t only reduce your electricity bills but will also help you protect the planet.

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