7 Best Summer Home Staging Tips


7 Best Summer Home Staging Ti (1)

Like summer is an exciting season for kids and adults for its warm and welcoming weather, it is as exciting for real estate agents as it offers the perfect conditions to sell a house. Both the buyer and seller can be seen as super active and excited to make a deal with the home that stands out the most and rises above all other competition in the housing market. 

So you must be wondering how you can make your house look more appealing to the eye of the buyer. Rest assured! Because here, we are compiling some of the most important summer home staging tips to make your home as beautiful as the bright summer that will impress the customers and beat the competitors. Here in this article is mentioned 7 best summer home staging tips, for more such tips visit NextHome on the Coast

7 Summer Home Staging Tips To Impress the Customers in an Instant:

  • Enhance The Curb Appeal

The instant a buyer pulls up to the house curb, it should capture their eyes with outstanding beauty. And in summers, it is all the more important to upgrade your house’s curb appeal if you want to sell it at a profitable price. Some easy yet vital measures can be taken in this regard. 

First, make your front lawn look bright by placing colourful flowers, pots, and plants. Ensure to water them regularly to look fresh, mow the property, and plant other bushes and small shrubs to expand the greenery. Spending a few more bucks creating a front path leading to your doorway can give you a higher chance of gaining more potential customers.

  1. Focus on Lightning and Airy Spaces

If the customer is buying a home in summer, their main focus is always on the lighting and airiness of the house’s interior. So it would help if you took good measures to make the living area look open, bright, breezy, and spacious. Paint your inner walls appropriately to accentuate the summer brightness and install light-coloured window frames; open up the curtains, blinds, and shutters to let the fresh air and natural light in. 

Get rid of the clutters that cut the room’s spaciousness and also prevent any outdoor trees and bushes that obstruct the light from spreading in the room. But keep in mind that the buyer is not feeling too hot because of the open windows as it can go against their consideration to buy the house.

  1. Put Effort on The Outdoor Living Space 

Summer is the season for fun outdoor activities. In that regard, while selling your house, make sure that your outdoor living area is appealing to the eye of potential buyers. Invest in outdoor furniture like chairs, tables, and couches that look very inviting and give a style to your house. Add some pillows and rags that accent the other furniture and give off a summer vibe. 

A cozy, spacious, and attractive-looking outdoor seating area is an important factor in staging your house for potential buyers, as people usually spend most of their time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. And if you have a well-maintained pool, it is no doubt a cherry on top to enhance your house’s demand. 

  1. Highlight Your Entryway

Paying extra attention to highlight the entryway up to the front door also plays a vital role. Make the front door look eye-catching with a bright yet coordinating colour and design, throw a welcome mat in front of it, replace the old mailbox with a new one and add some night lights.

 Keeping the debris and dust out of the gutters is also necessary. Use a pressure washer to clean the fascia, roof, and siding to make your home radiate a clean and neat vibe. A clear pathway to the house’s entry makes it memorable and preferable to customers’ eyes. 

7 Best Summer Home Stagin

  1. Emphasize

Summer brings the opportunities to enjoy fun times at parties and dinners with friends and families. So your staging ideas should encourage the potential buyers, especially those with families with this kind of preference and tendency. Highlight staging the patios and decking spaces with party fruit trays, sophisticated wine glasses, and designer plates with candlelit settings. 

Make the pool area – the main showpiece of your house, as people may imagine enjoying a chilling pool time with friends and families upon seeing it. It is always advisable to create an entertaining and welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor seating or poolside areas to evoke the buyer’s thoughts to turn to garden parties, candlelit dinners, and barbecues when it starts to get warmer.

  1. Paint The House to Accentuate the Summer Spirits

Usually, the neutral-coloured homerooms and decorations catch the customer’s attention regularly. But in summer, it is compulsory to accentuate the home walls and design interiors with bright shades to illuminate the spirit of summer. 

After all, it is a season of bright and enthusiastic energy so consider showing them in the interiors too, with a bold splash of colours and decorations. That being said, the interior colours have to balance with the outside shine. Remember, Too much of everything can make a disaster!

  1. Make your Home Comfortable When the Customers Visit

When you are giving the customers a tour of your home, always remember to check if the customers are not feeling comfortable with the temperature in the room. Ensure that your indoors are not sweltering, ensure proper air circulating, and turn on the Ac to cool down the temperature before the customers arrive. 

You can also use ceiling fans or simply open the windows in the direction from where the breeze comes in the most. Offering refreshments drinks, lemonades, or other cooling beverages can enhance the chance of attracting a buyer’s attention. An eye-catching glass dispenser full of ice and cucumber water or Infused with luxurious fruit can be your best bait for the customer’s appreciation.

To strengthen your property’s potential, especially in summers, your house must illuminate a cheerful, airy, and welcoming atmosphere in the eye of new buyers. And to stand out from all other competitions, you have to consider adding some extra options to entertain your customer’s physical needs while showing off the house and its other staging components. Follow the tips mentioned above and sell your home faster and with an outstanding deal.

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