7 Best Pillows For Side Sleepers 2018


Sleep is one of the most important things for anyone of us today. By enjoying a good night sleep, our bodies and mind get refreshed thus helping us to be productive while at the same time boosting our immunity that keeps us from some diseases. However, getting a good night sleep is dependent on a number of factors such as the mattress we sleep on, the kind of pillows we use, the sheets we sleep on and the temperature within the room where we sleep. While each of these items is essential, your pillow is arguably one of the most important pieces of bedding you should consider.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

You can have a customized pillow but while at it, always make sure that it’s made from the right fill and also designed for your sleeping style. There’s no pillow that works to be effective for everyone as the choice really depends on your preference and your needs, such as if you’re looking for the best pillow for neck pain. Moreover, according to the features that they have, each pillow has its respective strength and weaknesses.

If you are a side sleeper, here are seven best pillows to consider in 2018: –


This pillow is one of the best as it does not go flat thus giving you a guarantee of prolonged services. It is made from shredded memory foam which is of high quality and this enhances it’s shaping while at the same time offering ultimate comfort while you sleep. The material also has cool airflow technology that prevents discomforting temperatures and sweating.

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The material is designed to offer great support that is firm, unyielding feel and this makes shredded memory foam superior in quality compared to dense memory foam pads. The snuggle-pedic pillow can be positioned easily thanks to the small pieces of memory foam thus making it supportive and comfortable when you sleep.

The Snuggle-Pedic memory foam pillow is a great buy for the following reasons:

  • It has a bamboo fabric that’ll leave you feeling cooler throughout the entire night;
  • It adjusts to all sleeping positions, which, in turn, enables better sleep quality;
  • It’s filled with cloud-coated memory foam that’ll never lay flat.

2. Custom Pillow

You may want to have a customized pillow that suits your preference and décor for a harmonious feel and look! The best thing about a customized pillow is that you can add your personal information to it. It can be your photo, a quote that you love or that inspires you, or merely your name. There are many companies like as the Pluto Pillow from where you can order a customized pillow according to your needs.

Custom Pillow

The foams that Pluto Pillow uses are CertiPUR-US certified and it is scentless. All you have to do is filling up a questionnaire, confirm the order, and wait for its arrival at your home. A custom pillow will not only help you sleep better as it is designed according to your sleeping style also, it will help you to decor your home. You can also choose a custom pillow as a gift for your dearest one.

A custom pillow will help you sleep better and is worth to buy for the following reasons:

  • It considers your neck length, which is very important to have a good night’s sleep;
  • It enables you to choose different kinds of pillow stuffing depending on your weight so you can have consistent support the whole night;
  • It allows you to make all the necessary changes that’ll guarantee maximum sleep quality throughout the night.


This pillow by Five Star is a great option especially if you do not like thick memory foam but instead would prefer feather pillows. It is made of tender, fluffy down fiber thus making giving a lavish feel of deluxe down without allergic reactions. The material used is also such that the feathers do not poke through and you do not get to deal with the clutter of little feathers tearing through the cover material.

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As a side sleeper, you will find this marvelous pillow to be adequately supported as it comes with soft microfiber to cushion the head with sufficient support for the neck. It is also a good pillow for those who sleep on the back and on their stomach.

Here are great reasons for you to try out Five Star’s Down Alternative Pillow:

  • It’s made of 100% cotton cover with a 300-thread count, which makes it very comfortable to sleep on;
  • It’s filled with polyester so it mimics the feeling of having a pillow stuffed with feathers;
  • It’s soft but also firm enough so you’ve got ample support the whole night.


This contour pillow is very helpful for people who sleep on their side and back as well. It has a center that curves downwards thus gently cradling your neck while at the same time offering comfortable support to the head. The memory foam pillow is shaped with your airway in mind with the aim of keeping it open as you sleep thus elevating noisy snoring. If you your partner has a snoring problem, a customized pillow from Tempur would be a great gift to help deal with the problem.

Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillow


Goose down is definitely one of the best when it comes to softness and this is very essential for the neck. If you are a side sleeper, you will love the soft fluff used in this pillow. The goose fill is light, longlasting and offers better breathability compared to many other pillow fills and this is good as it reduces sweating while keeping you cool throughout the night.



This pillow is not only high in quality and supportive to your head but offers a little luxury as well. The pillow is lightweight and offers extreme softness as it’s made from 100% duck feathers. These are larger than common goose feathers and this guarantees better comfort and firm support when you sleep.

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If you are experiencing the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes and an overactive bladder, sleep is really important to allow you to feel comfortable. To help put your mind to rest and to get a better night’s sleep, you could look into speaking to specials like the ones at Advanced Urology to guide you through the right patch in helping to solve any concerns you may have. People who experience hot flushes when asleep are generally used to sleeping on your side. Buckwheat pillows will be definitely outstanding for you. The pillows provide natural air circulation between the two outer coverings resulting in perfect temperature you need for peaceful sleep. The pillow adjusts to your needs with ease and keeps its position stiff. It’s made using little, angular buckwheat husks or beads to provide you with denser, comfortable filling.

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The memory foam pillow is an ideal choice for side sleepers as it offers great support from its soft firm platform. In fact, a memory foam pillow or mattress, in general, works very well for anyone, regardless of the sleeping position that you may have. The pillow is made from powerful visco-elastic interior foam and luxurious spiral twisted polyester to give it a firm support structure. Tiny microbeads are also used to fill the outer padding that is capable of adjusting your body temperature based on your situation as you sleep.

Pillows Side Sleepers

Along that line, here are other great reasons why a memory foam pillow is always a great choice:

  • Provides better shape to the head and neck than other pillows do. This works through the heat reactive cushioning insulator that the memory foam pillow has. Its effect is that it reshapes to follow the shape of your head and neck.
  • Distributes your weight effectively throughout the entire pillow.
  • Has a longer lifespan than traditional pillows do.


For side sleepers, these are some of the best pillows for 2018 based on reviews and our assessment. You can have a customized pillow to match your taste and add a cozy, personal touch to your décor.

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