7 Air Conditioning Tips to Beat the Heat in This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and the weather is hot. During this season, you are probably going to be running your air conditioner regularly. However, it’s important to be smart when it comes to using the unit. There are 7 main air conditioning tips you can use to beat the summer heat this year.

Block the Sun

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they run their a/c unit is that they don’t block the sun. Although you probably enjoy having natural sunlight coming into your home and leaving the lights off, this can do more harm than good when you’re using the air conditioner. The sun can naturally cause the interior of your home to feel even hotter. You may want to close your blinds or curtains or pull down the shades to block out the sun. Of course, lighter colors can also help keep things cool as well, mentioned at https://935cool.com/air-conditioning-bradley/

Check for Air Leaks

Too often, there may be an air leak in your window that causes the a/c unit to work even harder at keeping your home cool. Older homes with older windows are especially susceptible to this problem. However, the poor installation of a window unit or a portable unit’s window panel can result in air leaks. You may have to add a seal around the window, such as by taping plastic around it or readjust the window panel so no outside air can seep inside the house. You can get a home energy audit done by contacting your energy provider or check for air leaks outside your home if your air conditioner is installed on the ground floor.
Check for Air Leaks

Change the Filters

In order for your air conditioning unit to run at optimal performance, you must change the filters when necessary. Some units have a mechanism that alerts you that the filter needs to either be cleaned or changed. If yours falls under that category, you’ll know when to deal with the filter. If your unit lacks that feature, check the filter at least once per month during the summer. Clean the filter or change it when it’s clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, and you’ll find that it’s working much better afterward. Your energy bills will also go down, which is helpful for your wallet.

Run it on Energy Saver

These days, mostly all ceiling air conditioner have an energy-saving mode. Generally speaking, this will reduce the amount of energy your unit is using, which reduces your bills. However, whether your a/c has energy-saving mode or not, you should set the temperature to 78 degrees. Not only is this the optimal temperature for saving energy, but it is also very comfortable. Of course, when you aren’t home, you should turn the a/c off unless you have pets that might get overheated. Leave the unit set to 78 degrees for them so they can stay comfortable.

Clear the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

If you have an air conditioning unit situated outside your home because you have central air, keep the area clear. Although the unit is not visually appealing, it’s wise to avoid covering it up, even with naturally occurring vegetation. Keep materials and plants away from your unit so that it can function properly and efficiently. Even too much plant growth around it can cause a malfunction, leading to higher energy bills and a breakdown.

Consider Your Thermostat Placement

Consider Your Thermostat Placement
Although you might not overthink it, where you place your thermostat can dramatically affect the way your a/c unit runs. For example, if you install it too close to sources of heat, such as near electronics, appliances, or lights, it can cause your air conditioner to run too long. You should also avoid placing it where it is too close to direct sunlight. Instead, have it installed in an area away from heat sources and a darker, shadier spot.

Get it Serviced

It’s also essential to get your unit serviced regularly. Even if you have a newer one, you should have a professional HVAC specialist come in and take a look at it during the spring before running the a/c. If your air conditioner needs a tune-up, you will get it while it’s being serviced. It will ensure that everything is operating smoothly just in time for the hottest days of summer so you and your family can stay cool and comfortable.

These great air conditioning tips will help your a/c unit to run all summer perfectly long. Your family and your bank account will appreciate you for them.

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