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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Kitchen on a Budget

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Kitchen on a Budget

A kitchen should be warm, inviting, functional and aesthetic. However, even the most well-planned kitchen can become outdated or worn down. Yet for many homeowners, a full kitchen remodel or renovation simply isn’t in the budget.

In fact, did you know that the average kitchen remodel costs upwards of 28662.60 CAD ($21,751) according to

But don’t let this staggering price tag keep you from kitchen remodeling in Toronto. Just because you can’t afford a complete renovation doesn’t mean that you can’t make affordable, high-impact improvements on a shoe-string budget.

This guide will help you explore kitchen remodel ideas that won’t break that bank.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

How to Renovate a Kitchen on a Budget

1. New Colors Can Have a Big Impact

The right color scheme can impact everything from the room’s energy and warmth, to the perceived space and flow. Updating your kitchen’s colors is also something that won’t cost a fortune…and you might even be able to DIY the project yourself.

You can resurface and/or paint cabinets, paint the walls (consider adding an accent wall to really make things pop), and even paint some appliances.

From classical and timeless hues to modern industrial accents, the sky (and your imagination) is the limit. Not ready to repaint everything? Consider simply re-staining trim work and adding accents that complement your flooring, countertops, hardware or appliances.

2. Update or Upgrade Appliances (without buying new)

If you have the budget and the need, upgrading appliances is a surefire way to visually enhance your kitchen while improving its function and potentially making your life a bit easier. But for those of us without the funds to drop on new appliances, there is another option. Did you know that appliances can be re-colored by adding a vinyl cover to them? That’s right, you can! If you need a little help, home blog “A Beautiful Mess” has put together a “how-to” guide.

3. Install An Island

Storage, countertop space and a place to eat and conversate around are just a few of the many benefits you too can gain from installing a kitchen island. Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, styles, colors and more, a kitchen island can really take your space to the next level.

4. Top it Off – Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are a major focal point of any kitchen. Today’s market is full of countertops available in a multitude of materials, colors, styles and options suitable for virtually any budget. The right countertop can improve your kitchen’s function, make life easier, increase home value, and transform the space into something truly special.

5. Update Sink and Cabinet Hardware

The sink is often a focal point of the kitchen, making an update here one that has a big impact. Faucet handles and spout replacements, to a full sink basin upgrade, are all possibilities. Similarly, kitchen cabinet hardware can also be updated to complement accents or make their own statement.

6. Functional and Visually Appealing Storage Solutions

If there is one thing that holds true for virtually every kitchen, it’s that there never seems to be enough storage. This presents a unique opportunity to improve the function and appearance of your space all at once.

Options Include:

  • Magnetic shelving (attached to appliances)
  • Hanging hooks (for mugs and stemware)
  • Above window shelving
  • Spice racks
  • Floating wall shelves
  • And more…

7. Updated Lighting

The right lighting can make a world of difference. Properly placed lighting can create an ambiance and set the right tone for your kitchen while providing much-needed illumination for cooking and food preparation.

From modern chic, to industrial or classic fixtures, the options are endless…and largely affordable.

8. Window Treatments

Most kitchens have windows for natural lighting, but they are often a lesser-considered aspect of the room for upgrades. Curtains, blinds, sashes, extended window sills, side shelves or over the top shelves are all easy and affordable ways to spice up your kitchen.

9. Backsplash

Is your backsplash plain, dull, dated or boring? It doesn’t have to be. The backsplash represents a great opportunity to make a big impression. Intricate patterns, vibrant colors, unique materials and more can all give your kitchen a unique and distinctive flair.

How to Redo a Kitchen on a Budget – options that make a real impact on everything but your wallet

Many homeowners across Toronto wish they could renovate their kitchen, but simply don’t have the financial resources to take on a full remodel.

The good news is that there are quite a few ways you can improve your kitchen without spending a fortune. At Kitchen Land, we help homeowners find solutions expertly matched to exceed expectations and work within their budgets. If you’ve been considering ways to improve your kitchen on a budget, chances are we can help.

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