6 Ways To Give Your Living Room An Instant Makeover


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You may be looking at your living room and wondering how to give it a makeover that won’t demand so much of your resources. Giving your living room an instant uplift is possible with some creativity. You don’t necessarily require hefty amounts to demolish the walls and restart the building process with these six ways to give your living room an instant makeover.

  • Hang Brighter Curtains

The darker the color of your curtains is, the darker appearance your living room gives. And for you to enjoy the brightness while hanging dark curtains, keep the curtains open at all times. Although this may help, it isn’t always that you wish for curtains to be wide open. 

You may require the privacy that shut curtains provide, or you may wish to take a nap during the day in your living room, or you may need to close the curtains when watching television to avoid the glare of the screen. 

An entire alternative to curtains is to place vertical blinds. You can always fine-tune the angle of the vertical blinds to one that sheds just as much light as you wish at a given time.

  • Paint Your Walls Brighter

You may find that your living room changes instantly by changing the color of your walls. For example, a coat of blue may provide a calming effect or neutral colors such as cream; can bounce around light within your living room. Dark colors such as black and grey may facilitate a dark environment, particularly if your curtains are heavy and dark. You can consider replacing your curtains with blinds once you switch up your wall paint with brighter colors, seeing that blinds only increase brightness.

  • Re-arrange Furniture

Rearranging your furniture is one way of giving your living room an instant makeover. You can switch up the way your couches are placed or move the table to a different side of the living room. The extent to which you can rearrange your furniture depends on the number of furniture pieces and the size of your living room. Regardless of these factors, a simple shift in the arrangement can help the monotonous experience of your living room, and this may result in letting in more natural light

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  • Place Plants In Your Living Room

You may find that you enjoy your living room space more once you place pot plants. You can choose beautiful plants to place in corner vases or on your living room table. Where you place your pot plant depends on your living room setup and personal preference. Regardless of how you organize the plants in your living room, the plants may provide a calming effect while providing an aesthetically pleasing décor blending in with your walls. You may also enjoy nurturing the plant by watering it and spraying the leaves for hydration, making your living room a creative space. You can also use glass vases as flower vases.

  • De-clutter Your Living Room

If your living room carries many items such as empty cardboard, unopened packages, randomly stored furniture, or suitcases, for example, packing these away will give an instant makeover. When your living room is cluttered, you may struggle to navigate a space that you can enjoy by placing a beautiful rug. Clutter is also believed to affect your mental wellness by inducing or alleviating anxiety levels. You may struggle to fall asleep and have difficulty focusing because of the clutter awareness. 

You can set aside short periods when you declutter your living room. You can use empty boxes to put away random items you don’t need in the living room. You can host a yard sale and make extra money by selling the extra you’ll enjoy due to decluttering.

  • Purchase Diffusers

You can purchase essential oils in the form of diffusers and place them in your living room. And the scents these oils give off make the living room inviting and provide a light sense of space. It’s also believed that certain oils such as lavender, tea tree, and peppermint help alleviate stress when inhaled or ingested. Not only will you enjoy the space of your living room, but you may benefit from the possible effects of inhaling essential oils.


The different ways to give your living room an instant makeover include hanging bright colored curtains and painting your walls brighter or neutral colors. Blinds are an alternative to curtains as these let in as much light as you prefer by fine-tuning the angle. You can also adorn your living room with pot plants, rearrange your furniture and declutter the room. Purchasing diffusers means the space becomes coated in pleasant scents, which contributes to the positive experience of the living room.

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