6 Ways to Create a Kitchen with a wow Factor

If, like many others, you consider your kitchen to be the heart of your home, why not create a spectacular one. Regardless of your budget, there are loads of things you can do to make your favorite room even more amazing. Here are 6 ways to create a kitchen with a wow factor.

Add an island

Most people will say that if they could choose anything to add to their kitchen, it would be an island. Not only does it give you additional cabinet space, but can also add a huge amount of useable space to your existing setup. If you are a keen cook, then you will know how important countertop space is, so an island is sure to appeal.

There are a variety of different configurations to choose from, so consider how you use your kitchen and take it from there. Many people like to have their hob inset into their island while some prefer to have a sink installed. For others, it’s just a fabulous way to add additional countertop space. Whatever you decide, an island will add a functional yet sumptuous feel to your kitchen and the finished look is sure to be an impressive one.


Create a Kitchen with a wow Factor2

A very quick and easy way to add a wow factor to your kitchen is to play around with different lighting options. Dimmable ceiling spotlights will help to create a relaxing ambiance for those times when you are socializing rather than cooking.

Plinth and under unit lighting are also very popular and can be achieved in several ways. Single lights can be inset into plinths and fitted under your existing cabinets but if you want to make more of a statement, LED strip lights could be the answer. If you aren’t familiar with this very popular, low energy solution, you may be wondering how do LED strip lights work? LED strip lights are flexible strips of durable PCB (printed circuit board) with coated UV resistant diodes attached. They can be easily installed to most surfaces, making them the perfect addition for any kitchen. They are available in various lengths and a variety of colors, so regardless of the size of your kitchen, you should find something to suit. 

If you have a combined kitchen and dining room, consider having a piece of large lighting installed above your dining table. Not only is it functional, but will also create a very artistic talking point in your room. 

Integrated features

Although they can prove costly, many integrated features can instantly make your kitchen look and feel more expensive. An instant hot water tap is a very popular addition to many modern kitchens these days. Gone are the days of boiling a kettle – you simply turn on the tap and boiled water is readily available. 

A wine fridge is another non-essential but tempting addition that is sure to add a wow factor and if you enjoy coffee regularly, why not consider having an integrated coffee machine adding to your work surface. None of these things are of course necessary, but if you can afford them, then they are lovely extras to have.

Bring the outside in

If your kitchen backs onto your garden and it’s a feasible option, consider having full-width bi-fold doors added to your space. They will add lots of light to your kitchen, making it feel much bigger and, once opened, will create the illusion of the outside and the inside becoming one. As with any structural changes, it is, of course, wise to speak to an architect and find out if any permissions are necessary before proceeding.

Cabinetry and countertops

Create a Kitchen with a wow Factor3

Kitchen cabinets come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, so if you are thinking of having a new kitchen fitted, you won’t be short of options to choose from. When coupled with complementary splashbacks, tiles, and countertops, the finished effect can be nothing short of jaw-dropping. 

Cabinets usually come in matt or gloss options and can be produced with or without handles. Handleless kitchens tend to look far more modern, so are a good choice if that is your preferred look.

In terms of countertops, the likes of granite and quartz might be a costly choice, but they are sure to create a wow factor. Each piece of natural stone is cut specifically to your requirements and will provide a luxurious and stylish worktop space. If your budget won’t stretch this far, luxury laminates or solid wood can look just as good and are far more affordable.

Decorate and accessorize

Adding colors by way of paint, wallpaper and accessories can transform a kitchen into a stunning space, so if you are working to a more limited budget, this might be the way to go.

If your kitchen is fairly large, an oversized clock on the wall is sure to look amazing, and soft furnishings such as sofa and chair cushions made with an array of home decor weight fabrics will make your room feel warm and welcoming.

A feature wall backdropped with designer wallpaper will enhance the look of your room, and adding color by way of wall art will help to finish off a well thought out space with lots of lovely design elements.


A kitchen with a wow factor can be accomplished regardless of budget or size. All you need is some carefully thought out plans and a bit of artistic flair. If you are struggling to come up with concepts, think about creating a mood board to help inspire you.  

Go online and print off images of things you love or that inspire you. Combine different textures and colors and play around with different concepts until you find one you adore. 

Once you see everything coming together on your mood board, it will make it far easier to replicate and your room will start to take shape. Take your time and have a bit of fun with it, and before you know it, your wow factor kitchen will become a reality.

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