6 Tips To Achieve A Mid Century Modern Aesthetic In Your Living Room


Interior designers, homeowners, architects, and even design enthusiasts are getting hyped about mid-century modern furniture and decor design. You’ve probably heard about this, too, but are still unclear about what it means. 

A mid-century modern aesthetic is an interior design style characterized by a contemporary, futuristic aesthetic emphasizing functional pieces. First rising to prominence in the 1950s, this design theme is timeless, tweaked with a touch of modern pieces here and there. 

If you enjoy mixing and matching style themes and decorative pieces, mid-century modern furniture and decor design might be the right one for your overall interior. Consider this as a fusion of old and new, breaking up an otherwise monotonous and over-trendy interior. 

You’ve come to the right place for interior design tips to help you achieve a mid-century modern living room. 

Bring Wood Elements In 

Wood furniture, wooden floors, ceiling, or even wood-clad accent walls. These are only some ways to bring the wood elements back into your home. You can use hardwoods like walnut, teak, rosewood, or oak furniture. But, if it’s out of the budget, there are still so many wood-like replicas that give the same vibe and aesthetic. 

Wooden elements make homes feel cozier and more relaxed, which is precisely what the mid-century modern aesthetic is all about. It’s a great way to add depth, especially in areas of your living room that look plain and bland. 

Keep The Walls Neutral 

One of the main characteristics of mid-century furniture is that they’re not just functional but a style piece in itself. You must give it room to shine when placed in a living room. The same applies to wall décor and art pieces you’ll display. 

With that, design experts recommend keeping the walls neutral. Doing so creates coherence and balance to avoid an overly busy living room. Remember, you’re making a place to lounge and relax, so be sure that the atmosphere caters to that need.

Bring In An Accent Chair 

Mid-century furniture pieces are classified as functional but well-styled, so there are many accent chairs to get by. Depending on your living room’s size, you can bring in a piece or two.  

As you go back to the beginnings of mid-century design’s rise to popularity, you’ll find that one of the iconic furniture pieces that truly stood out was lounge chairs. Designers in the affordable and higher-end range have created collections, so there’s undoubtedly something for every living room. 

Add Touches Of Bronze 

If you were wondering what type of hardware to use for your living room, the answer is bronze or burnished gold. Adding metallic touches elevates your living room to make it feel more luxurious and well thought-about. This is also an excellent way to have understated elegance without overdoing the glam. 

Achieving this is simple. You can have metallic colors on cabinet handles, frames, vases, candle holders, furniture edges, and other small decorative pieces.  

Give Nature A Place Indoors 

When you’ve already incorporated wood elements in your living room, it’s time to finish it off with plants. Yes, there’s a place for greenery or white florals in a modern, mid-century aesthetic. It’s a great way to breathe life in your living room, brought by the living plants you add to your interior.

However, don’t overdo it, or else you might cross the line of creating a tropical or coastal living room instead. A plant on the coffee table will do. Or, if the space permits for a bigger plant, you can also use one to dress up an otherwise dull and empty corner. 

Create An Open And Smooth Flow 

Those who are up for a more extensive renovation project can get their hands dirty and knock down those walls. Another defining moment of mid-century modern aesthetics is that it encourages an open flow of all living spaces. This means no barriers separate the living room, kitchen, and dining room from each other. 

It’s all about creating a space that fosters togetherness. A family member can be busy washing dishes but still be in the moment with others in the living room. 

Incorporate A Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic In Your Living Room 

Because of its versatility, the mid-century modern aesthetic continues to be popular even in these contemporary times. Designed with clean lines, minimalist elements, and fusing classic and modern accents, a mid-century modern aesthetic is for the homeowner who doesn’t like to keep things plain. Your living room stands to be a conversational piece in your home, with features that blend yet stand on their own to impress. With the style tips above, there are many ways to achieve this. 

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