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6 Tips for Creating an Ideal Playground Area

6 Tips for Creating an Ideal Playground Area

An increasing number of neighborhood enclaves in the United States are developing small playground areas in greenspaces. These tend to be simple areas that include some basic equipment designed to allow families the ability to spend quality time together.

If your neighborhood is pondering the prospect of adding a neighborhood playground, there are six tips and pointers to bear in mind to create an idyllic space.

Honor the greenspace

As mentioned, these neighborhood playgrounds typically are being added to existing greenspaces. As a consequence, a key tip associated with creating this type of playground is to honor the existing greenspace.
Honor the greenspace

In other words, as you contemplate the design of and equipment to be included in such a playground, the focus should be on creating a space that complements and enhances the existing greenspace rather than taking anything away from it.

Create a playground with a purpose

In planning a neighborhood playground, another focus should be on developing a playground with a purpose. For example, when selecting playground structures, consider items that allow kids the opportunity to improve their physical skills.

There exists equipment that can contribute to the development of a child’s dexterity and balance as well as items that allow an opportunity for aerobic exercise. Above all, equipment included in a neighborhood playground should allow for a child to have a good time.

Place park benches

A neighborhood playground can be more than just a place for kids to frolic. As noted a moment ago, they are also perfect places for families to congregate. Thus, in addition to playground equipment with a purpose for kids, you definitely will want to consider the placement of park benches. Park benches provide much-needed stations at which parents can relax and visit while their young ones are at play.

Place picnic tables

In addition to park benches, another tip to consider is the placement of picnic tables. As noted, a neighborhood playground truly can be family destination. When visiting a neighborhood playground, some families very well may want to pack a picnic meal for the expedition, turning the time at the spot into a family event.
Place park benches
As an aside, you may even want to consider adding a grill or barbecue at a neighborhood playground. Families might enjoy taking advantage of such an addition. Moreover, adding a grill or barbecue may turn a neighborhood playground into a site for different types of events.

Do keep in mind that if you add a grill or barbecue, you will need to develop a specific program with associated protocols to ensure that this type of addition to the space is kept clean and secure. Few outdoor items can degrade the look and safety of a space like a dirty grill or barbecue.

Install bike racks

Odds are that once a neighborhood playground is created, visitors will venture to the space on bicycles. This includes children and adults alike. Thus, another type of equipment that you will want to install in a neighborhood playground is a bike rack or bike racks.
In this day and age, there is a significant variety of different types of bike racks available for installation in a neighborhood playground. These include bike racks in unique design schemes that enhance the overall appearance of a neighborhood playground.
Install bike racks

Add shade structures

As mentioned previously, you definitely want to honor the existing greenspace if you add a neighborhood playground to the space. In taking this vital approach, existing trees definitely should remain in place. Moreover, these trees can be primary elements of ensuring shaded spaces in and around a neighborhood playground.

The need may exist to add some additional shade structures. Doing so enhances the overall usability of a neighborhood playground and the surrounding area.

By applying these tips, you will create a magnificent neighborhood playground in an existing greenspace and establish a space that will be loved by the community.

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