6 Tips for Creating a Contemporary & Stylish Garden

If you have favored a sleek and stylish contemporary-style home, then it makes sense that you would want to create the same vibe in your outdoor space.

However, with gardens normally synonymous with brightly colored flowers, brown fences and often an endless display of weeds, it may seem an impossible task to create a space that is polished and sophisticated.

Luckily, it can be done. You just need to read the contemporary garden design ideas below and you are good to garden.

Choose simple colors

White and green are great choices for a contemporary style garden; with white being your primary focus for fences and paving alike, while green can be used for most of your flora.
Choose simple colors

Start by painting any fences or brickwork in your garden white. Painted bricks are a great way to add texture and depth to your garden. Then focus on planting evergreen trees and shrubs that will help your garden stay classic-looking all year round.

Utilize geometric shapes

For a sleek and stylish look, avoid curved structures and instead focus on squares, diamonds and rectangles. This should be the rule for your paving choices, your borders and even your planters. For a truly contemporary garden you need to remain consistent throughout.

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Opt for pots

If you still want your garden to look decorative without forgoing a modern vibe, you should embrace pots. However, avoid any traditional designs and instead choose simple and elegant styles that will complement the rest of your outdoor space.

Tall, rectangular pots are ideal as they will work well alongside your geometric structures.

Don’t forget to personalize the space

Don’t forget to personalize the space
Just because you want a modern and slightly minimalist style garden, does not mean you shouldn’t inject some of your own personality into the space. A contemporary garden should be stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to be functional for you and your family.

Extra touches you may want to consider include: firepits, solar lights, water features and garden furniture.

Embrace hard landscaping

Although there is nothing wrong with a bit of greenery in a contemporary style garden, ideally this should be contained to plants, shrubs and trees. Hard landscaping is much more suited to a modern garden than a standard green lawn. If you are worried about your paving appearing too cold, why not consider laying two different shades of concrete, such as pebble and sandstone, to create a slight feeling of warmth without taking away from the modern vibe.

Ensure your garden is an extension of your home

Ensure your garden is an extension of your home
A contemporary garden should not be autonomous, it should clearly look and feel like an extra room or space attached to your home. Many people utilize their garden in the evening, either for relaxing or entertaining, so lighting is key. Opt for LEDs, which are a lot warmer than they used to be, and focus on fixtures that add a further dimension to your garden, rather than simply serving a purpose.

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