6 Tips for Choosing a Dimmable Floor Lamp

Lighting is an essential complement that makes your interior decor stand out. It simply makes the house cozy and appealing. That’s why you should always choose your lighting carefully.

A floor lamp is a perfect accessory that brings out the beauty out of your interior decor. A dimmable one will even work better. The floor lamp looks more awesome beside the sofa, beside the bed, or even on top of the table.

What matters most is the lighting effect that it brings to your room. No doubt, this should be on the top of your next to-buy list.

Looking for a dimmable floor lamp? What should you look at when purchasing one? Here are amazing insights that will guide you on your coming lamp shopping spree. Read on.

1. Size

The size of the lamp corresponds to the surface area it illuminates. What size is your room? How wide do you want the light to cover? This is what you should first think about. A place like the living room will certainly need bigger floor lamps.

Also, consider buying a smaller floor lamp if you are intending to place it over the table.

2. Mode of Operation

Mode of Operation

Would you go for a lamp that gives you a lot of trouble to switch on and off? Of course not. A good lamp gives you a good time. A dimmable floor lamp with remote makes work even easier for you.

In case you’re a few meters away and want to dim it, a little press of a button will be enough. Even kids can operate such a floor lamp with ease.

Also, you will need a lamp that has a timer in such a way that you can set the length of time you want it to be on. See those nights when sleep steals you away only to wake up in the morning and find your lamp on? Look for a lamp that saves you such. A few, say, 20 minutes and it goes off on its own.

3. Cost

As much as you want to make your house appealing, you still want to save some dollars, right? Compare the prices of the floor lamp you want. Here comes a secret. Never look at the price only. Check the price and compare it with the quality of the lamp.

Is the price worth it? Cheap things are always expensive and hence, don’t always let the price scare you. However, you can always find high-quality dimmable floor lamps at very affordable prices.

4. Special features

As you go around comparing lamps, look for that special feature that makes it stand out. Is it dimmable? Can you operate it using the remote control? Can you adjust the color temperature? Can it turn off automatically? Does it have a unique look that can add oomph to your house? If your floor lamp has these features, then it’s a perfect deal. Go for it.

5. Safety


Don’t just focus on your interior decor and overlook your safety. You don’t want a floor lamp that can just topple over when your baby slightly touches it. Go for something with a stable base. Buy a lamp that you can place in your baby’s room without getting worried.

You know how curious babies are, right? Make sure you get a lamp that has a sturdy base to keep your baby safe.

6. Maintenance

If you had a floor lamp that can produce a cool night luminescence, just like fireflies, you will definitely want to have it long enough.

Some lamps can be so hard to maintain. But you, no doubt want something that can fit within your maintenance budget and schedule.

Go for a lamp that is easy to clean. A wet towel should be enough to make a good lamp sparkling clean. Don’t buy one that needs expensive detergents, abrasive scrubbers, and above all, your energy.

Over to You

By now, you should have everything you need to walk straight to a store or log into that website and order a dimmable standing lamp.

Quality is paramount. Always choose what you and your whole family will be happy about. Create intimate moments using some dim warming light. “Where did you buy that?” Will always be the question for you if you decide to buy your dimmable floor lamp at Chiphy Lighting. Order today and create the most out of your interior decor.

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