6 Tips For A Quick After-Party Home Cleanup



Inviting friends and family to your home is always exciting, but it may only be exciting when the party is still lasting. Once the party is over and your guests have left, you now have to tackle one major problem: cleanup.

The more guests you have, the more cleanup you have to do. If you’re on your own, then that’s going to be even harder. As daunting as it may seem, however, cleaning after a party doesn’t have to feel like walking through Jurassic Park. You can actually make it easier on your part with the right strategies.

Before the next big soiree you’re hosting, think about the cleanup first. It pays to know tips like these listed below, so you can breeze through a faster, more stress-free after-party home cleanup.

1. Hire Professional Cleaners

When you’re exhausted from the party and there’s so much to face the next day, you need to have some extra hands to help you out. Yes, you’ll be paying for their services. But when the exchange is your comfort and the assurance of a deep clean, it’s definitely a worthy expense. 

Once the party’s schedule is set and you know for certain you’re hosting, book your cleaners like Texas Xtreme Clean Austin and others for the day after. Should you be hungover, you can take your time to rest. If you have work to do, you can go back to working as well.

With professional cleaners helping you out, cleaning after the party shouldn’t be something you now dread doing.

2. Use Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

If your home has an outdoor entertaining area, why not use it? It’s often easier to clean up an outdoor space than it is to clean the inside of your house. The reason behind this is the mess is more contained than if you’re hosting inside your home.

When indoors, your guests can be all over the place: your kitchen, dining area, living area, and others. Food stains and spills are inevitable on your couch, the floor, and elsewhere.

When outdoors, it’s more relaxed. Should there be any spills, it dries up on the ground. Stains are also sparse, especially with outdoor furniture’s characteristic of being waterproof and weather-proof.

3. Always Use Your Gloves

As you purchase supplies for your party, don’t forget to buy one thing: a pair of gloves. It’s extremely important for you to wear it! Remember, you’re cleaning up after others. You never know what you’re going to pick up. 

It’ll also make you feel more at ease with cleaning when you don’t have to touch all the dirt directly on your hands. It’s less gross with that layer of protection.

4. Empty Your Dishwasher Before The Party

If you’re going to have many guests, the best route to take is to use disposable utensils. There are so many biodegradable options out in the market today, so you don’t have to be guilty about using single-use plastic.

For a smaller-scale party, however, many hosts still prefer to use whatever utensils they have at home. If this scenario is what you’d likely do, at least empty the dishwasher before the party. That way, even when guests are still around, when you get their dishes after mealtime, you can immediately put them in the dishwasher. That’s one less chore for you to think about when the party is done..


5. Set Up Two Garbage Bins For Food And Trash

Another thing you may have to set up before the party is to have two big bins set up. This applies especially when you’re using disposable utensils. Your guests can take an active role in helping clean up by throwing their own trash by themselves.

They can easily do that with your segregation system in place. After the meal, food scraps are thrown in one bin and the trash in another. This kind of system will significantly lighten the cleanup load you have to face after the party.

6. Change All Your Hand Towels ASAP

Even if you may have hired professional cleaners to help you out the next day, there are still little things you have to do on your own as the homeowner. Like putting dishes away on the dishwasher, it’s a good idea as well to immediately change all your hand towels: those in the kitchen and bathroom.

They may look clean and untouched, but you just never know. If you don’t put them in the wash ASAP, you may even forget about it the next day.

This same rule applies to your living room and outdoor couch’s pillowcases, and any bedroom sheets, if any of them look like they’ve been slept on or touched.


Parties are fun, but the mess after can also get out of control, no matter how relaxed or chill the party may be. Whether it’s an adults’ party you’re hosting or one for kids, you can expect your home to look the complete opposite of how it was pre-party. You’ve just spent hours cleaning and making your home presentable for your guests, now you have to clean up again. The post-party cleaning tips above are easy-peasy such that they won’t wear you out. The dreadful cleanup after the party shouldn’t be the reason that’ll hinder you from hosting another party.

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