6 Things You Need To Do If You Have A Broken Window



The windows in your home are installed for various purposes, such as letting in natural light and giving you access to beautiful views. However, a broken window can be inconvenient because it has compromised your home’s security, comfort, and energy efficiency. Nevertheless, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that your home remains safe and efficient.

Vital Steps To Take When A Window Is Broken

Identify The Cause of The Broken Window

You must identify the cause of your broken window. Some broken windows can also come with other hazards, and sometimes, depending on the level of damage, you could need special repairs like a double pane window repair & glass replacement​​ and similar. Whatever the case might be, you must first identify the cause of the damage. If you suspect your window has been broken due to a break-in or other security threats, you must call the police immediately to file a report. This step will prove helpful when trying to file an insurance claim. You can also try taking a photo or two of the damage as evidence of a claim.

Clean Up The Area

It is important to clean up the area. You can put on some protective gloves, use your gloved hands to carefully pick up the biggest pieces, and place them in either a paper or double-layered plastic bag. Wear sturdy shoes while doing anything near the broken window, and then vacuum the tiniest pieces so that you are in no danger of accidentally stepping on the smaller shards.

Safeguard The Window Opening

If your window cannot be fixed or replaced immediately, the next step is to temporarily cover the window opening. This will ensure that your property is secure and prevent critters from making themselves at home. You can temporarily fix a broken windowpane using plastic sheeting, cardboard or plywood to cover the window opening. These materials are the most effective options for temporary protection from the elements. If you can DIY, you can fix the window yourself or simply call an expert to handle it.

Block The Affected Area

After you have identified the cause of the broken window and secured it temporarily, it is best to block the affected area for the safety of your household. If possible, have everyone leave the room and shut the door. This eliminates the risk of children or pets wandering over to the disaster area.


File An Insurance Claim

At this point, you can go ahead to file an insurance claim for your broken window. However, it is important to know if your broken window is covered by your homeowner’s insurance, especially if it resulted from an act of nature or a break-in before filing an insurance claim.

Call A Window Repair And Replacement Expert

Using a professional and legitimate company is the best way to ensure that experts carry out your job neatly and perfectly to prevent further damages. They will also recommend the appropriate window replacement and upgrade for your home. However, this might be the perfect time to upgrade your windows to more energy-efficient and durable replacement windows for your entire home.

Adhering to these instructions will ensure that your house and its residents remain safe and secure while you sort out the incident. A broken window doesn’t have to put you in a mood. Follow the steps carefully, and call an expert to handle the repairs or replacement. 

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