6 Things That Make Your Kitchen Look Outdated—and How To Fix Them


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Is your kitchen your favorite room in the house? Or does it make you cringe every time you walk through the door?

Dingy hardware, dim lighting, and worn out surfaces can turn your kitchen from the heart of your home to an eyesore you’d rather avoid. 

An updated kitchen can help you feel energized and inspired. The right touches can help you fall in love with cooking instead of making it feel like a chore you only do when you can’t order out.

Check out these 4 simple swaps that can refresh your kitchen without doing a total reno.

Brighten Your Life with Updated Lighting Fixtures

Dim lighting is a telltale sign your kitchen needs a refresh. Old lighting fixtures and underpowered bulbs can age your kitchen beyond its years.

The good news is that updating your lighting is a simple change that can make a big difference. 

Fluorescent lighting or a single incandescent bulb in a shiny brass fixture doesn’t do your kitchen justice. 

Warm white LEDs will give you bright, yet inviting lighting that will improve your kitchen’s feel. Put them in modern recessed lighting fixtures, and you can give your kitchen a warm comforting glow instead of a harsh, utilitarian feel. 

Multiple light sources throughout the kitchen can also make the kitchen feel more expansive and roomy – a great option if you have a smaller kitchen. That may sound expensive, but today’s high-powered LEDs are much more energy efficient, and can last years without dimming or flickering. 

Swapping out your lighting fixture can be pretty straightforward, although it may be best to consult an electrician for help. 

Opt for a modern, eye-catching piece that complements your cabinets and other fixtures.

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Update Your Color Palette

Pinky-peach cabinets scream early 90s. Orange and brown is a dead giveaway that your kitchen hasn’t been refreshed since the 70s. 

A new color palette doesn’t have to mean committing to a total renovation.

Simply painting your cabinets can completely change the look of your kitchen, at a reasonable price. 

You can also include some modern appliances, new hardware, fresh window dressings, and a fun backsplash.

A few pieces of colorful glassware, succulents, and other decorations can set the whole thing off.

If you’re ready to think big, you could consider replacing your countertops.

Marble and granite used to be the height of kitchen fashion. These days, they look totally outdated. Laminate can look cheap and tile can either be cool and retro or tacky, depending on the color palette and design.

If it’s within budget, updating your countertop can be a great investment.

It also gives you a chance to refresh your sink with a fresh kitchen faucet and basin.

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Streamline Your Sink and Maximize Your Counterspace

Sink basins pick up wear and tear over the years. Porcelain sinks can chip and stain, while stainless and cast iron can pick up scratches. They can end up looking scratched and dingy. 

Swapping out your sink will eliminate a major eyesore and refresh your main kitchen workspace. In most cases, you can get a new basin (in a luxurious model that fits your new color palette) to fit the space you already have. 

If you’re already thinking of updating your countertops, a new sink is a no-brainer!

Today’s kitchen sink trends favor undermount designs that don’t have a lip that overhangs your countertop. This makes it easier to keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh. Old top mount basins catch crumbs, debris, and build up mildew where they meet the counter.

Today’s materials are far more durable and versatile, and come in several new colors that can complement your new palette, too.

While you’re looking for a new basin, don’t forget about the faucet!

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Modernize Your Faucet for Updated Functionality

Your kitchen sink faucet makes all the difference in the look and functionality of your entire kitchen. From prepping food to washing up after enjoying a meal with loved ones, your kitchen faucet needs to keep up.

Outdated faucets don’t just make your kitchen look less attractive. They also lack the functionality and efficiency of today’s designs.

You can opt for a sleek, space-saving single-handle design with a pull-down sprayer for optimal usability and a modern look. 

Whether it’s on an island or under a window, your kitchen faucet will naturally draw the eye when you enter the room. Today’s faucets have more options for colors, finishes, and features than ever before. 

Updating your faucet is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to make your kitchen more beautiful and functional.

Give your kitchen the love it deserves

These 4 easy changes can totally change the look of your kitchen, even on a budget.

If you have the money, you can also opt for new appliances or even think about a total renovation. In the meantime, make your kitchen more enjoyable with a quick and easy refresh!

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