6 Solar Panel Cleaning Tips You Should Know


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Solar panels provide an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative source of energy. The rising cost of energy as well as government tax incentives have increased the demand for solar panels in modern homes. Although their durability and reliability make them attractive to users, regular solar panel servicing and cleaning from getwetcleaningservices.com will ensure that their energy efficiency is maintained for an extended period.

Solar panels don’t have moving parts. As such, they require minimal maintenance. Cleaning is an essential aspect of maintaining residential solar panels. By cleaning the panels, you remove grime that accumulates during winter and dirt that builds up during warmer months. Ideally, solar panels should be cleaned several times a year in order to perform optimally.

If you’ve installed solar panels in your home, here are five cleaning tips you need to know about:

1. Buy A Cleaning Kit

Although you can clean your solar panels with traditional cleaning supplies like paper towels or old rags, most of them aren’t designed to work well with the panels. It’s therefore vital that you buy a cleaning kit that’s specifically designed for solar panels.

You’ll find reasonably priced cleaning kits on the market that come with every tool you need to get your panels cleaned efficiently. These often include a cleaning brush, special cleaning detergents, and a squeegee to remove excess liquid or soap from the panel surface.

Cleaning kits are highly convenient. When you invest in one, you can rest assured you’ll have everything you’ll require to clean your solar panels whenever you need to.

2. Do Not Use Abrasive Or Harsh Supplies

If you cannot get a cleaning kit for your solar panels, consider using regular items to keep them in shape. However, avoid using abrasive supplies like soap and sponge on your panels. Although they can effectively remove tough stains, the risk of damaging panel surfaces with scratches is exceptionally high.

Scratching their surface can reduce energy efficiency and impair the visibility of the panels. To keep this from happening, replace abrasive supplies with a soft rag that hasn’t been used to clean anything else and a specialized solar panel cleaning solution or biodegradable detergent or soap. For more efficient cleaning, don’t use pressure washers or metal objects on your panels.

3. Pay Attention To Manufacturer Instructions

Although this might sound obvious, most people don’t read the cleaning instructions that solar panel manufacturers provide. Some manufacturers go out of their way to provide specific instructions on how their panels should be cleaned. Checking that information before commencing the cleaning process ensures that your solar equipment is properly maintained throughout.

4. Remove Loose Dirt With A Hosepipe

Before you start cleaning solar panels with a rag and some soap, use a hosepipe to remove loose debris, grime, or dust that may have accumulated on the surface. Hosing the solar panels is the easiest, most cost-efficient, and safest way to boost their performance in the long run.

Solar Panel Cleaning

5. Hire An Experienced Solar Panel Expert

If your panels are placed on the roof, it may prove challenging to clean them safely yourself. The roof may be too high, slippery, or steep for you to work on them effectively.

To avoid getting hurt and for best results, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job. Working with a solar panel cleaning professional also means that the job will be done right, and you won’t have to purchase cleaning supplies since the company will provide them.

6. Clean The Panels In The Evening Or Early Morning

Solar panels get extremely hot when they’re under direct sunlight. Hot panels are risky to clean because cold water can cause them to crack. Schedule your cleaning sessions for early morning or evening to keep soap and watermarks from forming on the surface as you clean them.

Final Thoughts

Solar panels provide a reliable and highly efficient energy source when it comes to clean energy for residential properties. If you’ve installed solar panels in your home, you need to ensure they’re properly maintained for optimal performance. One way of keeping them in good shape is cleaning them regularly.

When you clean your solar panels, you remove the dirt, grime, and debris that pile up on the surface over time. You may choose to clean the panels yourself or hire a professional to get the job done. If you decide to clean the solar panels on your own, see to it that you get the right supplies. These include a hosepipe, non-abrasive detergents, and a soft cloth. Abrasive cleaning materials can scratch the panel surface and affect the equipment’s performance over time.

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