6 Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Gun Safe for Your Home

Gun ownership is a contentious issue worldwide, mainly because of the intermittent gun shootings perpetrated in populated places, leading to the loss of innocent lives. However, this hasn’t prevented civilians from owning guns. Estimates show that in the U.S., civilians have more guns per capita than anywhere in the world. 

True enough, part of responsible gun ownership is purchasing a gun safe to keep weapons out of harm’s way. We’ve rounded up some reasons to buy a gun safe for your home.

1. A gun safe keeps your children safe.  Accidents happen—but most of them are preventable. Guns that are badly stored at home can do more harm than good, especially to your children. As a responsible gun own and parent, you should make sure that guns are kept properly and out of your children’s reach.  

There are several laws specifically crafted to keep kids safe from any accidents that may involve firearms. A gun owner should exercise extreme caution in using, storing and even cleaning a hand gun or any type of weapon.

The law not only aims to prevent your children from getting a hold of your weapons, it also protects any children visiting your home like your children’s friends or young relatives.            

2. A firearms safe prevents gun theft. A school of thought insists that imposing gun bans are not effective in reducing crimes. At the same time, you don’t want your guns to be stolen away from you only to be used in robberies and heinous crimes. Buying a gun safe can keep your valuable investment in your possession. With its advanced features such as secure locking systems, biometrics, and sturdy construction, a gun safe can provide foolproof protection from intruders and thieves.

3. …and potential lawsuits. Without a gun safe, you may not have enough protection from robbers eyeing to steal your weapon. If they succeed and use the firearm registered to you, any illegal activity done using your stolen weapon will be traced back to you, leading to a potential lawsuit. The law may also put into question your responsibility as a gun owner if you claim to be a victim of gun theft.

On the other hand, you can also be sued for improper handling of guns, as stated by the law. Having a secure safe for your shooting iron can help you stay on the right side of the law when it comes to gun ownership.  

4. A gun safe can give you quick access to your weapon. Presence of mind and a quick access to your gun is best for emergency cases. While it may sound counterintuitive, it’s actually easier to take a gun out of the safe than to get it from the cabinet or wherever you may be keeping it. Simply verify our biometrics or punch your security code.

If you’re in Australia, Gun Safes Perth offers high-quality, fireproof, and extremely durable safes for your weapons and valuables. If you are elsewhere, do research to find the best and most secure safes from your local vendor. 


5. Insurance companies require proper gun storage. Insurance companies require gun owners to store their guns in a safe before granting full coverage. Some companies may even require safe certification to facilitate swift recovery of losses in the event of theft or damage. To further encourage responsible gun ownership, some insurance firms also offer discounts for owners who have a gun safe, so check with your agent to avail of a discounted insurance coverage price.  

6. A gun safe can be used to protect your valuables. Aside from your firearm, you can also keep your valuable possessions—documents, cash, jewelries, tax records, stocks and birth certificates—in a gun safe to stop thieves, fire and other elements from damaging them. Just make sure you choose a safe that has high fireproof and insulation ratings.

Other considerations before buying a gun safe

  • Buy a safe that’s bigger than what you thought you need
  • Check that the safe is constructed properly and made from durable materials
  •  Look at the thickness of the steel body and door
  • Assess its locking mechanism (biometrics, PIN code, etc.)
  • Check the fire rating and layers of insulation (the thicker, the better)

The Bottom Line

Buying a gun safe is a long-term and worthwhile investment as it prevents the damaging impacts of natural and man-made mishaps such as theft, fire, and unlawful use. It can also protect your family members—especially children—from accidental firing.  

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