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6 Luxury Bathroom Trends of the Rich and Famous

Nothing says celebrity extravagance like a luxurious bathroom. Here are the latest luxury bathroom trends, so you can live like your favorite stars.

With plenty of money to splurge with, the rich and famous are renowned for their extravagant tastes, especially when it comes to home decoration.

With some of the most lavish, expensive, and large bathrooms around, the celebs sure know how to design a luxury bathroom.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom for an extravagant and indulgent feel, who better to look to for advice?

While you may not have as much budget to play around with as the celebs, here are six luxury bathroom trends of the rich and famous to inspire you.

  1. Glamour Meets Shabby Chic

Some celebrity bathrooms fuse glamour and shabby chic, like the one belonging to The Mask actress Cameron Diaz.

While Cameron’s bathroom is beyond glamorous featuring glitzy and golden brick-shaped tiles, there’s an element of casual shabby-chic to keep it on-trend. As well as looking glamorous and gorgeous, the tiles also possess a tired, weathered look to give off some edge.

Amanda Seyfried is another celeb fan of the glamour slash shabby chic bathroom look. Amanda’s country house bathroom teams a rustic feel with clean modern lines, with the master bath offering a splash of luxury.

Give your bathroom the glamour meets shabby chic vibe by pairing a natural pine ceiling with luxe lacquered oak veneer walls. The two textures pair perfectly.

  1. Monochromatic

A monochrome bathroom oozes class and luxury and it seems the celebs agree.

Bright and inviting, Titanic actress Kate Winslet’s lavish bathroom will make you feel instantly relaxed. With the use of so much white, the monochromatic look has never felt more calming and serene.

In Kate’s bathroom almost all fixtures, walls, floors, and accessories are white giving off a bright, inviting, roomy, and luxurious vibe. And the freestanding bathtub simply exudes tranquillity.

Alternatively, give a bathroom a sleek and modern vibe with the incorporation of black fixtures and accessories. The darker colors convey more depth and call attention to the room’s features.

A black bathtub will offer a dramatic yet stylish feel to the room.

  1. Natural Features

One of the best luxury bathroom ideas is to incorporate a natural ambiance to modern design.

While filmmaker Michael Bay’s movies are packed full of action, his luxurious bathroom offers a different atmosphere. Creating a calming essence, Michael mixes a modern bathroom design with natural features that ooze luxury.

While the smooth and sleek lines of the bathroom give it a fresh and modern feel, the stone shower will transport you to the tropics of Southeast Asia. Plus, the wood of the floor gives the room an earthy feel.

An easy and affordable way to offer a bathroom a natural vibe is the inclusion of potted plants. Having several green plants in a bathroom instantly adds a more outdoorsy, tropical feel.

And if you can’t afford the inclusion of a brand-new stone shower, don’t worry. Instead, consider professional shower tile sealing to ensure your current shower stands the test of time and looks shiny and brand new for years to come. With a shower that looks clean and new, it’s an easy way to keep your bathroom looking modern and plush.

  1. Beachy

Who says beach décor should only be used for your vacation home? Even if you live far from the ocean, with the right design you can give your bathroom a beachy feel that’s luxurious too, even if it isn’t sunny!

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and her actor husband Matthew Broderic have taken on this exact bathroom trend.

The pair chose a light-colored space, inspired by the cozy look of a beach house. Simple blue and silver accents add a splash of luxury to the room.

To create a bathroom look that’s both beachy and plush, add in some smart wooden paneling along with beach-inspired hues of blues, yellows for accent pieces.

  1. Vintage

Transform your bathroom into a plush vintage paradise that oozes grandeur and glamour, just like the celebrities.

A simple way to add an antique feel to any bathroom is the inclusion of a glitzy, sparkling glider chandelier that highlights a grand ceiling. Not only will a chandelier give off that classic vintage feel, but it’s the epitome of luxury.

Another easy way to give your bathroom the vintage vibes is to choose an antique-style wallpaper to liven up the room. An option featuring vintage florals works particularly well.

There are plenty of props to add in too. Place an antique stool next to an open tub to add a splash of vintage glam that any celebrity would appreciate.

  1. Romantic

Inside television host Andy Cohen’s Greenwich Village apartment, the bathroom is nothing short of being glamorous and romantic.

The walls are covered in a cherry forever mylar wallpaper, giving off a warm golden glow throughout the room. Vibrant pink accents offer a sensual and romantic feel.

To achieve a romantic and dreamy feel to a bathroom, consider the use of lavish marble fixtures and granite flooring. Pretty tiles will also add a cute and girly element to the room.

Don’t forget a comfy and cushioned chair to place in a corner to add an easy feel of romance.

Ready to Design Your Luxury Bathroom?

luxury bathroom

While these luxury bathroom trends of the rich and famous may sound expensive, remember that with some creativity there are plenty of ways to add an essence of luxury and extravagance without breaking the bank.

For example, the purchase of green potted plants is an easy way to give off that natural meets modern luxury feel. And when it comes to purchasing extra items for the bathroom, such as a vintage stool, there are many antique stores selling quality furniture at a decent price.

Spend some time exploring your options and slowly redesigning your bathroom, and it will look celebrity-worthy luxurious before you know it!

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