6 Important Things You Need When You Choose Invisible Teeth Aligners

More than 50% of people in every racial/ethnic group are born with crooked teeth, so there is a global need for a dentition fix. While there are different types of orthodontic correction, the invisible teeth aligner is one of the most mainstream choices. 

Invisible teeth aligners (also known as clear aligners or invisible braces) are clear, removable, and custom-fit orthodontic devices for the treatment of misaligned or crooked teeth. This transparent device fits tightly on your teeth like a mouthguard and moves your teeth to align in proper position over time. Invisible teeth aligners are designed for flexibility, subtility, and convenience, especially for adults. 

If you’re choosing invisible teeth aligners, there are six (6) important things you need.

1. Professional consult

Fixing invisible teeth aligners is done by a qualified dentist. If you are in Australia, you can search for the best orthodontics in Melbourne cbd and set up an appointment. There are various dentition misalignments that can be corrected with invisible teeth aligners, for example:

  • Overbites: The front teeth of the upper mouth overlap the front teeth of the lower mouth.
  • Underbites: The lower teeth extend and overlap the upper teeth
  • Crowded teeth: This occurs when there is not enough space for permanent teeth in the mouth. The teeth become crooked and overlap each other in a disordered way.
  • Diastema: This is space between the teeth. It can occur anywhere in the lower or upper teeth.

A dentist or orthodontist will assess your teeth and make an accurate diagnosis. You will also be advised on the aligners that suit your condition and budget. 

2. Duration of treatment

An advantage of invisible teeth aligners over other braces is the shorter duration of treatment. The duration of treatment varies from person to person, according to your condition and severity. The average duration most people need ranges from six (6) months to one (1) year. Since invisible aligners can be taken out by individuals, the treatment duration also depends on compliance with treatment. An invisible aligner should be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. If this protocol is followed strictly, results are seen early. Periodic appointments to check up, tighten the splint and when necessary, change the clear aligners tray is also vital to note and plan for. Aligner trays can be changed every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the speed of progress.

3. Good Dental hygiene

Good Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is needed, especially with invisible aligners. You must brush your teeth every time you take off your aligners to eat or drink. Dental flossing is also required to get rid of food particles between your teeth. If your teeth are not properly cleaned before fixing your aligners, food particles will decay and cause discoloration to your clear aligners. Apart from dental hygiene, aligners should also be cleaned every time you remove them. There is a special brush for cleaning the aligners. Use warm or cool water to clean them. Do not use hot water or your regular toothpaste to clean the invisible aligners, as it will cause damage to the material of the aligner. Store the aligners in the original box that they came in.

4. Cost

While invisible aligners are cost-effective, you would still need to figure out how to pay for the invisible aligners and other associated treatment expenses. The precise cost of treatment is determined by your specific condition and its severity. The duration of treatment also determines the cost of treatment. Check with your health insurance company if your insurance covers treatment with invisible aligners.

5. Drop some habits

If you’re choosing invisible alignment, you need to drop some habits that will impede the functioning of the aligners. Smoking is bad for your health, but even more, smoking is bad for your aligners. Smoking changes the color of the clear aligners to yellow, brown, or black. It also degrades the material of the aligners. Do not leave aligners exposed to air when you’re not wearing them, as exposing them causes bacteria build-up. 

6. Post alignment care

After treatment with invisible teeth aligners, maintenance is still needed to retain progress from treatment. A maintenance split or retainer is put in place. The retainer looks like the invisible aligners without the splint attachment. The retainer is to be worn at night to prevent your teeth from returning to the former misaligned state. You may have to wear a retainer for up to six (6) months after treatment with invisible aligners is over. This retainer does not cause any discomfort or pain. 

Invisible teeth aligners definitely make a ton of difference when you stick to the regimen and use the tips shared in this post. A smile is a window to one’s heart, and a straighter smile makes all the difference.

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