6 Creative Decorating Ideas for Your Room

Need a quick boost? With our easy projects, refreshing your space is fun and invigorating. Check out our creative decorating ideas for your room!

1. Wallpaper without Commitment

Love the look of patterned wallpaper, but your lease won’t allow it? Don’t give up, we have solutions.

Framing wallpaper pieces in large poster-sized frames is a way to get the impact of a bold pattern without making it permanent. You might be able to get leftover sections from a store at little or no cost.
Wallpaper without Commitment

Wallpaper also looks great behind open shelving. Use the shelves to disguise any nails or temporary adhesive used to hang the paper. If you move out, they’ll come down easily.

2. Hang up a collection

Grouping favorite objects is a way to show your personality. Go through your belongings and look for interesting multiples. You may have accumulated postcards, old keys, refrigerator magnets, or even old kitchen utensils.

Once you’ve found your items, place them on a flat surface and decide on a pleasing arrangement. (It helps to step back to see the shape.) Following this pattern, mount flat objects inside a frame, or hang larger items on your walls.

3. Paint Some Furniture

Paint Some Furniture
All you need is some spray paint and a sense of adventure for this idea. Choose bold colors and transform basic furniture. It doesn’t have to be fancy – let the paint do the work. Paint each dining room chair a different shade, turn your bedside table bright green, or make a simple bench glow with yellow.

Visit your local hardware or paint store and you’ll see every color you can imagine. Spray paint can also add different finishes or effects to your furniture pieces. Have some fun with chalkboard paint, opalescent shine, or even metallic looks!

4. Go Green

Adding plants to your space is a healthy way to transform your room. Make the most of yours by looking at their shapes, and using them as accents.

Empty corners always look better with a tall vertical accent to fill them. A columnar cactus, Ficus tree, or Ponytail Palm makes a grand choice. Don’t be afraid to place them on a stool or bench to add to their height.

Use interesting containers when you have a group of smaller houseplants. It’s easy to collect old teacups, pitchers, and even interesting tins, and use them as planters. They’re great as a display on a shelf or windowsill.

Succulents work well in these settings and are a thoughtful gift. If you need to send flowers to Moscow, consider a basket of these plants, too.
Go Green

5. Mix Up Your Window Curtains

A creative idea for windows involves mixing and matching the panels. Use two or more sets of curtains in coordinating patterns and colors, and break up the pairs. Alternate the patterns on larger windows, or use one of each in a room with more than one window.

It’s an easy project with pre-made window coverings. Most stores will feature collections that are already in a particular color scheme, with matching colors.

This is especially effective in spaces that have otherwise plain furnishings. Windows are a focal point that is easy to transform.

6. Go Big With a Favorite Image

Go Big With a Favorite Image
Almost any old photo or postcard can be printed as a large poster now. Look for old family photographs or quirky images that would stand out as a wall accent.

Uncluttered images can be extremely striking in this case. An old landscape photo, simple candid shot of a pet or loved one, or even a blurred shot will look like expensive modern art on your wall.

Use standard-sized frames, and go as large as you can afford. You’ll be surprised at how special it will look!

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