5 Well-Paid Professions That Does Not Need a College Degree

While the world puts a lot of pressure on teens to go to college, it is surprising to find that there are jobs you can still earn a decent living without acquiring college degree. If I would find someone to help me with my dissertations so that I can pursue these jobs, it would be a welcome relief. After all, it is not mandatory to acquire a college degree in order to succeed or live a comfortable life.

The jobs that do not require a college degree are usually skill based. Once you have acquired the skills, you can work as a freelancer or operate a business. The jobs are unique because people will judge you based on your performance during previous projects. Here are some of the most lucrative jobs in the market that will not require a college degree.

Graphics Designer

Graphics design is a skill whose basics are learnt in a few months. Prowess as a graphics designer depends on your creativity and ability to work with particular software. A graphics designer can work as a freelancer or be employed by organizations dealing with publications and advertising.
Graphics Designer

Graphics designers work on images or video. The growing demand for marketing video and image marketing content is providing numerous opportunities to graphics designers to earn incredible returns. A graphics designer has numerous options to work in the industry. The earning potential is very high.


A writer can begin using his skills and serve clients at any grade. Writing is a passion that can be applied in numerous areas including blogging, media, communication, web content, and academic writing, among others. Ghost writing is also a fast growing segment where no one will ever ask about your credentials.

Prowess in writing comes with practice. You master writing requirements over time such that you can deliver to the expectations of your clients easily. Your work will also help you to get recognition as a writer.


Influencers join a category emerging jobs resulting from increased uptake of social media. Influencers work in different industries to promote products and services to their friends, fans and followers. An influencer is the traditional reviewer but is today taking advantage of social media following to promote the products.

Revenue for influencers comes from endorsements. A brand may endorse your video, image, or activity so that it can ride on your popularity to increase recognition. You must gather a substantial following to become an influencer. You also need to have an amiable personality and engage your followers so that they can order the products through your promotion code. The chances of earning will depend on your level of activity.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
Businesses today are outsourcing front-office and personal assistant roles to freelancers. You take up such duties as picking phone calls, responding to emails, bookings, and appointments, among others. The work does not require your fulltime attention. This allows you to work for several companies without conflict or interest. If you are a student, you may take jobs from companies operating on a different time zone.

Commercial Pilot

This is a surprise to many students and parents. A pilot does not need any college education. Your suitability for the job will be determined by performance during training. High school education is enough to get you into an aviation school. Other people learn even after graduating with other qualifications.

Most of the jobs that do not require a college degree are skill based. They are the best for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This work environment provides you with the opportunity to determine your earning potential.

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