5 Ways to Update Your Deck for a Perfect Outdoor Living



Outdoor living spaces should not be confined to use for just a few months of the year. You can relish the refreshing summer evenings and snuggle up by a fire pit in winter if you plan your outdoor area to be operational throughout the year. Opt for waterproof patio furnishings or incorporate overhead protection to enable your deck, patio, or porch to serve as an extension of your home’s interior living space. Here are five ways to update your deck for a perfect outdoor living experience.

Choose Furniture That Can Withstand the Elements

Essential to maximizing comfort outdoors are suitable furnishings. Including weather-resistant furniture from The Deck Store that promises comfort all year round is recommended. Materials such as all-weather wicker or aluminum are durable against rain, snow, and sunlight.

When combined with soft outdoor cushions, pillows, and throws, these items provide relaxation and coziness, whether on a sunny summer or a fantastic autumn night. Remember to integrate storage into your deck, garage, or shed for storing furniture during severe weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rain. During moderate weather changes, using covers can protect your furniture from bird droppings and tree sap.

Shade Elements

Boost the duration your family enjoys your deck by incorporating a chic shade feature. Sophisticated shade accessories like pergolas adorned with drapery are optimal for grand homes, while a basic umbrella can enhance any laid-back backyard deck. There’s a plethora of methods to introduce shade to your deck that align with your home’s aesthetic and your intended budget for this deck enhancement project.

Incorporating an overhead structure like a pergola to your deck offers respite during the sun’s peak hours and introduces a captivating architectural feature to the area. Besides providing shelter from intense summer heat, drapes also seclude your deck. This is particularly useful if your deck is within your neighbor’s line of sight.

Apply a Fresh Layer of Paint to Your Front Door

If your goal is to make your deck a social hotspot, then providing engaging activities is essential! Incorporating a hot tub or spa could be the perfect incentive to entice everyone outdoors. Accentuate the warm evening atmosphere with fashionable outdoor lighting or strands of exterior lights.

It’s time to clear away the canopy umbrellas, sun loungers, and other summer items. Instead, consider adding robust, rustic furniture such as Adirondack chairs and picnic tables. Include oversized, snug pillows to prompt guests to recline and unwind.

Upgrade Lighting

Illuminate your deck with a magical nighttime radiance using outdoor lighting. The downlighting beneath this integrated bench casts gentle pools of light, subtly guiding your gaze across the area. Consider a modern twist on string lights by positioning them vertically along one wall instead of draping them overhead. Alternatively, distribute several lanterns across the area. If not installed, incorporate step lights along the periphery or near level transitions to make your deck a welcoming (and easy to traverse) space where the night sky can still be appreciated.

Place a Rug

Incorporating an outdoor rug is a straightforward enhancement that acts as an insulating barrier, hindering ground heat loss and thus making areas like patios, pergolas, and balconies more comfortable and warm.

When the weather turns warmer, an outdoor rug can lower the effects of direct sunlight that causes the ground to heat up. Experiment with diverse color schemes that match each season’s decor, giving a personalized touch that your friends and family can enjoy with every visit.


When creating an outdoor area, consider these concepts. The design should be practical and comfortable, tailored to suit your lifestyle for maximum enjoyment. Whether it’s a backyard or a patio, it should reflect your personal tastes and desires. Strive to create an outdoor setting that can transform ordinary days into something special.

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