5 Ways to Prep Your Rental Property for New Tenants


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Property owners that have invested in a rental unit are in it to make money. It’s hard to make a profit if you can’t attract the right renters. Managing a rental property takes time and care, and requires a keen sense of natural instinct when choosing the perfect tenants.

Before you hand over the keys to a new tenant, you must ensure that it is safe, operational, and clean. No one will want to rent a filthy unit from the last tenants or one that shows a lack of maintenance. Taking action when turning over your rental unit can increase the safety and wellbeing of your new tenants and reduce the costs of your overall maintenance.

Whether you are a first-time landlord or turning over your property in a 1031 exchange, it makes a good impression and builds trust with new renters to have everything in order before moving day. Let’s look at a few ways to prepare your rental property for your new tenants.

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Safety First

As soon as your last tenant has left the property, it’s wise to change all the locks. Even if you have gotten back your original set of keys, putting in new locks should be a priority. There is no way to know if your past tenants have given away any convenience keys to their family members or dog walkers that may put your new tenants at risk. If you have a security alarm protecting your rental property, you should change all of the passwords and codes before your new tenants arrive. 

Clean Up

Even the most conscientious and tidy tenants can leave behind dirt and grime. When your rental unit is cleared out, it’s time for some deep cleaning. Bring in a professional carpet cleaner to take care of all your floor coverings and upholstery. Give all of the walls a rinse with a damp cloth and clean all windows both inside and out. Pay special attention to your kitchen area, making sure that all appliances are scrubbed clean and ready for your new tenants. Deep cleaning should include commonly overlooked areas like dryer vents, window coverings, and ceiling fans.


Every home needs the occasional repair. Before your new tenants move in, you will need to take care of any necessary maintenance. Make sure that all door handles, hinges, wall sconces, and light fixtures are in working order and have undergone regular maintenance. If your past tenants caused any damage you will need to take care of repairs. Fill any holes in walls, remove lingering stains, and check for any loose railings. 

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Working Inspection

Cleaning appliances is one part of your turnover, but you will need to check that they are also working correctly. Plug in all your appliances and test them out to ensure they are working properly. This is the time to inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and install fresh batteries. Complete an inspection on your HVAC unit and change all filters to ensure that your unit runs efficiently.

Personal Touch

Developing a trusting relationship with your new tenants is the key to a successful long-term relationship. Before your new tenants move in, make an effort to add a few personal touches to enhance the welcome to their new home. If your new renters have a pet you can leave a new toy to discover or some coloring books and crayons for those that will be moving in with their kids.

The success of your rental unit is highly dependent on being able to provide an attractive and well-maintained home. Follow these tips to help you prepare your rental property for your new tenants and enjoy a successful tenant and landlord relationship. 

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