5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality


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Indoor air quality is imperative, especially when people spend more time indoors. Exposure to polluted air can cause risks to your health. So, watch out for the presence of dust, chemical leaks, gasses, and other pollutants in the air you breathe. It is mainly because air pollutants can pose severe long-term issues in a person’s health.

Accordingly, every person instinctively breathes about 20,000 times every single day. Can you imagine now how important it is to be surrounded by clean air? To ensure excellent indoor air quality, the list below includes some tips you can try:

Change the air filter of your air conditioning unit

All year long, your air conditioning systems are working non-stop to provide comfortable air in your space. Your AC utilises a filter to ensure that the air it circulates is filtered of pollutants. However, these air filters eventually become inefficient. The reason is that they accumulate too much dirt, dust, and other debris over time from filtering air.

Using air filters for an extended period can reduce your indoor air quality. Aside from that, it can cause issues with your air conditioner, resulting in costly repairs. So, regularly changing your air filters is imperative. You can also ask your AC maintenance company to change your air filters during their scheduled maintenance. So, if you are located in Brighton, it is important to find a trusted air-conditioning provider that is local to you to handle your air conditioning needs like one that has a service area page on their website such as this: www.sub-cool-fm.co.uk/air-conditioning-brighton/

Inspect your air ducts

Another way to improve your indoor air quality is by keeping the air ducts of your air conditioning unit clean. This AC component is responsible for dispersing cold and hot air in your space, providing a comfortable temperature. Air ducts that are not correctly installed or maintained can spread air contaminants across rooms. Dander, dust, and even mould can gradually accumulate inside your air ducts, reducing the air quality your AC provides.

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Install cooking vents

Indoor air pollutants may also come from your kitchen. So, make sure to turn on your cooking vents when you’re cooking. You can also open your kitchen windows to let the fresh air in and polluted air out.

Among the pollutants that might linger around your kitchen are those that come from gas stoves such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Electric burners surprisingly give off a small number of contaminants, too. When you happen to breathe these toxins, even a tiny amount can cause health risks as they tend to be absorbed in the bloodstream. 

Place indoor plants in your space

Plants naturally filter the air that surrounds them. So, placing some indoor plants in your space can improve air quality. It’s also a bonus that plants are relaxing to look at, and they add beauty to any interior decor.

Clean your space

Keeping your place clean reduces air pollutants such as dust, dirt, odour, and more. Wipe surfaces and wash carpets, rugs, curtains, and other things that require washing to eliminate these pollutants, especially bad smells.


Maintaining healthy indoor air is possible with preventative maintenance and diligence. Try the tips mentioned in this post, and you’ll notice an improvement in the air quality in your space.

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