5 Types of Water Features for Your Garden


Types of Water Features

A water feature not only makes your backyard landscape look complete, but it also improves your overall well-being. The sight and sound of water in your garden is enough to soothe your soul, reduce stress, improve sleeping patterns, and make you feel happier. If you would love to boost your curb appeal, enhance air quality, and attract natural wildlife, it’s time to get a water feature. Here in Indoor Fountains Guidebook you will get the best ideas about fountains.

Below are the different types of water features that you should consider.

1. Man-Made Natural Pond

You don’t need to build a home near a natural water body to enjoy the calming effects of water. With inexpensive materials, you can create a pond right in the middle of your backyard. You can get ideas from sites like Aquatic Ponds. Unlike other water features, a natural pond sustains itself without requiring maintenance. However, you need to carefully select the materials, soil, shape, and plants for the pond to thrive and look as if nature designed it. The pond attracts microbes, insects, frogs, birds, and other fauna that help create a balanced ecosystem.

2. Pondless Waterfall

A waterfall in your backyard can give it a more natural aura and act as an emphatic focal point. A pondless waterfall is a safer choice if you have young kids, pets, or limited space. Without standing water, this waterfall is relatively easy to maintain. All you need is to top up the water levels every few weeks due to evaporation. You can design the cascading structure using real stones, boulders, sculpted concrete, or pebbles. You’ll also need a recirculating pump to get the water back to the top.

3. Garden Fountain

Although a garden water fountain is very easy to make, it offers multiple benefits, from creating a relaxing ambiance, attracting birds to acting as a natural humidifier. You can design a water fountain out of nearly anything. You can drill holes in a stack of rocks, stack up pots, or even use an old bathtub to create cascading rivulets. Place the fountain in your flower bed, deck, lawn, patio, or garden path or you can contact crystal fountains for a creative and innovative fountain design with a touch of elegance by installing underwater fountain lights.

4. Garden Creek

Garden Creek

Bring the calming sound of a flowing stream into your yard by building a creek. You can design a meandering creek along your pathway or pool deck. Line the edges of the creek with bigger stones to guide the water to the retaining pool. Then use smooth river pebbles and plants to decorate it. The creek should be shallow enough to expose the pebbles and create the sound of a natural stream. You’ll also need natural-looking materials to cover the pump and tubing that will run along the creek.

5. Koi Pond

Why go for an indoor aquarium when you can build a backyard koi pond. Koi fish will add a splash of color, motion, and life to your backyard space. Although Koi fish are relatively easy to keep, they require excellent planning. First, learn the costs of buying the fish, the space requirements and equipment needed to keep them, feeding expenses, climate requirements, and how to protect them against predators.

Add a Water Feature to Spruce Up Your Garden

Whether you opt for a peaceful natural pond, dancing waterfall, splashing fountain, meandering creek, or a colorful outdoor aquarium, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a tranquil garden. A water feature will wow your visitors, make your outdoor living space vibrant, and boost the appeal of your home. 

Go for a water feature that you can maintain with ease, is safe for your family, and blends with the surrounding. You can design it on your own or partner with a professional expert.

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