5 Top Fountain Care Tips


Fountain Care

There are various ways that water fountain accessories can be used. We will be providing you with some useful water fountain accessory tips on how to get the best use from your fountain.

Tip 1: Cleaning Your Fountain Pump

One of the top indoor water features accessories is the fountain pump. So if it isn’t operating efficiently and smoothly, there may be a big build-up of debris, dirt, and algae blocking the water and preventing it from flowing freely through your pump. Vinegar is the solution to clean a fountain pump instead of just water and soap.
Cleaning Your Fountain Pump
Vinegar is used for breaking mineral deposits down that over time may build up. For areas that have hard water, you may need to clean more frequently – about every two weeks or so. Soft water doesn’t build-up as quickly which allows the pump to run for one or two months between cleanings.

You need to know how to correctly clean your fountain pump in order to extend its life.

Tip 2: Essential Water Fountain Accessories

What exactly is a water fountain accessory? They don’t always need to something that is purchased in the store next to all of the indoor and outdoor fountains. They may anything that provides visual interest or value to your fountain. You naturally want to ensure that an item is waterproof before putting into the fountain’s reservoir. However, with fountain accessories, anything goes. It just matters what makes the most sense to you.

In addition to the actual fountain’s nuts and bolts, accessories need to something that needs to adds meaning or value to the fountain or provides good memories for your family. Perhaps one of your children made a necklace out of colorful beads to honor a member of the family. Something like that could be an accessory for your fountain. You might want to have a tribute created for your family pet. So the accessories could include laminated pet photos or pet collar.

What you decide to do with your water fountain is totally up to you. It goes beyond just being a place where you can relax and reflect. Your outdoor or indoor water fountain can be adorned with items that are a reflection of whatever passions or interests you have.

Tip 3: The Right Fountain Pump To Do The Job

Honey bees gathering water on a fountain to bring back to the hive
So how can you tell what type of fountain pump to purchase? Although you might clean your outdoor fountain pump carefully and on a regular basis, it still can break down. Fortunately, it is not that hard to replace a fountain pump. So perhaps you bought your water fountain at Serenity Health. You have been able to really enjoy your fountain and then suddenly one day it stops working correctly. Depending on which model of water fountain it is, you may be under warranty still, so make sure you check with the manufacturer to see if you are eligible for a refund or to get a discount if you buy a new pump from them.

If not, don’t worry. Outdoor and indoor fountains are easy to buy and inexpensive. , provide a tutorial on things to look for when shopping in fountain pumps.

The trick is to basically ensure that you are purchasing a pump that is appropriate for your specific fountain. They are available in a number of different power and sizes, depending on the number of gallons of water that you need to pump through your fountain. Do you own an outdoor or an indoor fountain? It does make a difference. Outdoor fountain pumps have been designed specifically to plug safely into an outdoor outlet. Just make sure to disconnect the pump form your fountain when there are freezing weather conditions. On the other hand, indoor fountain pumps are specifically and only made to use indoors.

4. The Safest Types Of Water Fountain Cleaning Supplies Sometimes Is Not Water

The Safest Types Of Water Fountain Cleaning Supplies Sometimes Is Not Water
Is it safe using bleach and cleaners on your fountain? The amount and type of water cleaning supplies you need for keeping your fountain working correctly is greatly determined by the site of your fountain, whether you have an outdoor fountain or indoor fountain and the type of material that it is made out of.

Copper fountains, for example, may be damaged if the wrong cleaning supplies are used. The same is true for slate or steel water fountains. Pledge or furniture polis can be used to keep copper fountains clean. Purchasing a product that is labeled specifically as a copper clean may seem logical, but they shouldn’t be used on natural copper fountains. That will totally remove its patina finish. Remember that copper is natural so it naturally weathers, and over time changes color.

It isn’t safe to use any water fountain cleaning supplies on stainless steel. A damp cloth is the best thing to use to clean your stainless steel fountain. Don’t ever use any of the following products on a stainless steel fountain:

  • Beach or any products containing bleach
  • Abrasive sponges
  • Harsh abrasive cleaners

When the appropriate cleaning supplies are not used (or on stainless steel fountains making sure to not use any water fountain cleaning supplies) can damage your fountain’s finish.

Tip 5: Keep Your Water Fountain Clean and Fresh

Keep Your Water Fountain Clean and Fresh
You may be wondering how to keep the water in your fountain clean and fresh. It is very easy to install and maintain an outdoor or indoor fountain. So you might forget that they need a bit of looking after every once in a while. Your water fountain could end up contaminated with unsightly white scales, bacteria, or algae if you do not clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

However, there is still hope. It comes in the form of a liquid that has been designed to specifically get rid of those types of issues. To prevent white scale from forming in fountains does not require you to spend hours or scrubbing or to use hard-core cleaning products. You just need to change the water every so often to keep clean. You can think of it like you were cleaning a miniature swimming pool. If the water in a pool is not kept clean, then it would become too scummy to be able to enjoy very quickly. The same thing is true when it comes to water fountains.

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