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5 Tools You Need For Automotive Welding and Metal Art Fabrication

Since medieval times, metal has been fabricated. Just like in many other industries, welding and fabrication are heavily used in the automotive and metal art industries. In fact, a lot of businesses and individuals in different parts of the world rely heavily on automotive welding and metal art production for their productivity and profit. Without these, it’ll be challenging for a business or individual to progress long-term. For More details you should visit decorative metal art screens in Perth, here you can have more metal art options to make your home look more beautiful and attractive.

However, metal fabrication and welding are operating at a whole new level, especially owing to advancements in technology and tools used. More and more innovations are now being incorporated into automotive welding and metal art fabrication, making these industries more effective and useful as ever. But the truth is, you could be the most skilled automotive welder but without the tools needed for the job, you won’t be able to achieve much. Having the necessary skills for the job but not having sufficient tools is like going to war unarmed – you will surely experience defeat and lose the battle. 

Before we go further into the topic, it’s good to note that there are different kinds of welding, some of which include MIG, TIG, arc or gas welding, MIG being the most common. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in this field, you are going to need some equipment to help you succeed. To get started on automotive welding and metal art fabrication, there are five tools that you will definitely need and all of these are listed below:

Safety (tools and) Equipment

Welding is not for the faint of heart, as it can be dangerous and to a great extent lethal. With the right safety equipment, however, you can keep yourself safe from the extreme heat involved that could result in burns or worse still, blindness. If you’re going to use the best angle grinder for heavy-duty jobs, for example, you need to wear the right safety gear, such as glasses or goggles, aprons, safety boots, and respiratory protection. Usually, the bigger and more complex the equipment is, the more safety gear you should use as you’re using it. 

Getting hurt is the last thing you’d want to deal with, so your safety is of the essence. Before you begin welding, make sure to wear a welding helmet that protects your eyes, gloves to protect your hands, steel toe shoes, welding jacket, and ear protection. Never use any equipment or tools if you don’t have the necessary safety gear for the job.
Safety (tools and) Equipment

Hand Tools

In automotive welding and metal art fabrication, basic hand tools that do not require power. Most of these tools are easily accessible and you can find them in automotive shops. A few examples are hacksaws, welding pliers, steel wire brushes, and tubular spanners, just to mention a few.

If you want to excel in the automotive welding and metal art fabrication industry, you should know the difference between all of these hand tools and where these are usually used. This information will make it easy for you to be more productive as you won’t have to waste time deciding which tool to use for what project.

Power Tools

Power tools are as essential as manual tools as some heavy tasks can only be accomplished using power tools. Some examples of welding power tools include metal band saws, wire wheels, angle grinders, power drills, jigsaw, and buffer to assist in cutting metal, making holes, grinding, and sanding, among other tasks to give the body of your vehicle the look it deserves. To make your cutting tasks easier and perfect, a plasma cutter is definitely a must-have tool for any automotive welder or metal fabrication artist. Because the tool like Plasma Cutter will make your work smooth and easy.

While some tools are very bulky, there are now lighter and cheaper counterparts. As a starter in the automotive welding and metal art fabrication industry, it’s best if you test the waters by investing in cheaper tools first. After gaining the necessary experience and you’re confident about your skills for the industry, you can invest in bigger and more sophisticated power tools.

Measuring, Marking And Clamping Tools

In metal art fabrication, measurement is of importance if at all you’re to perfect your work. Tight and firm joints as well are needed when welding automotive pieces of metal together and there’s usually no room for errors when it comes to measurements. Some examples of tools under this category include a tape measure, calipers, welding magnets, soapstone, a speed square, and welding clamps.

Regardless of how minor or small the projects you’ll be doing in the future, using measuring, marking, and clamping tools is always necessary to ensure the efficiency of your work. Having these tools will also prevent you from redoing your first project, allowing you to save time and effort.

Measuring, Marking And Clamping Tools

Studio Safety Equipment

As an automotive welder, you can’t just work from anywhere. You will need a studio to operate from. The studio must be well equipped to guarantee your safety. A welding table and welding curtain are some of the equipment you will need for your studio. A welding table or workbench, for instance, is important in proving you the comfort you need to work. On the other hand, a welding curtain and welding screen can help protect on-lookers from the blinding effects associated with welding glasses.


Automotive welding and metal art fabrication can be interesting and rewarding only when you have the right tools and equipment. As you head to the market to purchase some if not all of these tools, for your hobby or profession, make sure you get quality items that are built to last long. Not only will they serve you for a long time, but they’ll also go a long way in boosting your service quality.

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