5 Tips To Reduce The Cost of Bulky Rubbish Removal For Your Home


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Just like most, we’re pretty sure that your weekly trash can fit neatly into a trash bag. But what about the bulky ones?

‘Bulky waste’ can be a little tricky to define, but it’s an item that you can’t fit into a trash bag. Any type of waste isn’t a very good thing to have around.

Most of it is household appliances and furniture; it could be a hot tub, or something smaller like a 21’’ TV.

Nobody wants to live in an unsafe environment, which is why we want to get rid of bulky waste and rubbish.

In addition to looking and smelling unpleasant, bulky rubbish can pose serious health threats to members of the community.

Unfortunately, managing bulky waste can be quite tricky given their weights and dimensions. While there are commercial companies who are an expert in terms of rubbish removal, there are also some tips and facts you know to know when you’re trying to manage your bulky waste.

How Do You Remove Bulky Waste & Cut The Cost?

This way, you can prevent hazardous rubbish around you and everyone.

That being said, we came up with our 5 simple and very helpful tips on how to minimize the cost of bulky waste clean up:

1. Determine If You Can Reuse The Item

Determine If You Can Reuse The Item
Before you consider them as rubbish, ask yourself, “Is it really garbage?” Bulky waste has a huge potential to be reused. If you’re getting rid of your unwanted furniture or electrical appliance, check if Is it in good condition. If it’s reusable, someone else could reuse it.

It’s important to know whether something is considered rubbish or someone else can still use it. Let’s say you have a table set that you’re planning to dispose of, but it can even be reused with little to no fixes.

The most recommended thing to do is to donate these types of waste to reduce cost while you aim for a cleaner community.

You can always put a sticker or tag on your item that says “TAKE ME” or ask anyone you know who may need them, or better; you can go to the charity organizations in your area and bring the item there.

You can put a PLEASE TAKE ME sticker or simply donate the item to any charity organization in your area.

2. Save Money From Your Bulky Rubbish

Save Money From Your Bulky Rubbish
Let’s talk more about the possibilities of reusing items that you consider rubbish. You can earn money from them.

How? There are a lot of companies and people who are more than willing to pay for your used items.

They collect these types of waste for money; hence, you can contact them and inform them about an item you’ll be disposing of, and they’ll be willing to pay you some cash in exchange.

On the other hand, you can take photos of your items and post them on eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay.

Someone is likely more willing to purchase your item. This may require some more effort than the other methods, but this will surely help you earn more cash while you keep your community clean.

3. Organize Your Rubbish

Organize Your Rubbish
One of the most basic yet effective methods to reduce the cost of bulky waste is by sorting them out and arranging each of them accordingly. Provide different containers for each waste and segregate.

Have different waste bins specifically for reusable or recycle worthy items, biodegradable, and nonbiodegradable ones.

Doing this tip will reduce the size of your rubbish and reduce the cost of clearance effectively.

4. Dismantle Bulky Items Before Disposal

You need to remember that waste collection companies and services base their charges on the size and volume of the garbage being collected. If the rubbish is hazardous or heavy, you may consider breaking it down and don’t forget about the safety precautions while you’re doing it.

If you have time on your hands, carefully dismantle the items to reduce its bulkiness and volume because not many companies will do this task. In return, cost reduction for the clearance and collection.

4. Partner up with your neighbours or community to split cost of waste collection

Some people want to lighten the weight of their problems by sharing it with someone else, and this also applies to disposing of your waste.

You can talk with your neighbours and ask if they are also planning to dispose of bulky rubbish or if they’re willing to help you out. You can offer to team up with them to split the clearance costs.

A lot of people have bulky waste somewhere, and they’re always wondering about how to manage and get rid of them. Your neighbour could be one of them!Source: unsplash.com

5. Get in touch with Local Recycling Plant

. Partner up with your neighbours or community to split cost of waste collection
Various recycling plants that would be willing to take up rubbish that you offer them. To lessen the effort of dealing with your bulky rubbish, you can always contact them and find out if they might have some use of your waste. Doing this will help you in cleaning up your place, and it will also reduce bulky waste clearance cost.

Organizing bulk waste has never been an easy task. You might even put yourself in a risky position if not handled with care. That is why it’s best to contact local and affordable rubbish removal service. Call us now and we’ll provide a free quote to get you started.

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