5 Tips to Design a Room for a Teenager

Your baby is now a teenager, a grown-up kid. No more sleeping in between mom and dad on their bed. For him or her, privacy matters now. According to experts at assignmentgeek, kids tend to have more orientation, are more educated and look for every opportunity to enjoy their teenage-hood. So have this in mind when designing a room for your teen. However, these tips on how to create a teenager’s room should guide you.

1. Choose the right colour combination

Choose the right colour combination

The choice of colour is one of the things that can make or break the design of a room. As a parent, you may have a specific colour you think will fit the room perfectly. But this is not for you to decide for your child who will eventually occupy the place. So allow him or her to determine the colour to paint the wall and other parts of the room. But if you are working on a tight budget, which is understandable, you can repaint the entire room with a cheaper option if you cannot provide the one your teen requested.

Colour combination tips

If your teen is confused about the right colour to choose, you can suggest the following colour combinations to him or her. But have in mind that bright colours will invigorating and add more positive energy to a room. Of course, you want your child to smile and be happy in her space all the time, right? Then choose the right colour combination and eclectic décor.

  • White and turquoise – Painting the walls with turquoise will enliven the room. Pairing it with a white colour will also create balance in the space as well.
  • Gray and lavender – Most female teenagers love the inviting atmosphere these two colours create. You can use it to design your teen’s bedroom if that is what she likes.
  • Coral – The coral colour is perfect for a vibrant, spirited young teen. It will also make other colours in the room bold. You can paint the wall with coral, change the bedspread to green. A white coloured shelve will also fit this colour combination.

You can add a bit of drama to the room with captivating graphic wallpaper. It should be something your teen appreciates though. You can focus solely on an accent wall and not the four walls of the room to create that unique appeal.

2. Increase the number of shelves

Increase the number of shelves
You can have some shelves hanging on the wall of your teen’s room. Even if the room is small, they won’t take up much space. The idea of having a good number of shelves is to help your teen stay organized. Things regularly happen in a teenager’s life, and they are always very busy doing other things besides their studies.

You can have shelves at different sections of the room for storing various items. Some can be for organizing books, awards and so on. Also, don’t forget to paint the woods on the shelves with a beautiful but unique colour that blends well with the entire room.

3. Make room for changes

You need to work with the mindset that your teen will grow up to become an adult one day. And once that day comes, her preferences will start changing. So, keep in mind further changes when designing the room. You may need to make simple alterations like changing the artwork or wallpapers on the wall. Painting may also be one of the numerous changes you might be required to make.

4. Create a hang-out space

hang out space
A comfortable room will make your teen love to remain in the house than go out often. So when designing your teen’s bedroom, create a place for study, listening to music, and where he or she can hang out with a friend or two.

According to a write my paper expert, you can create these spaces no matter how tiny the room is. What you need is the right furniture and a great idea on how to manage the small space. That said, floor pillows would work fine in a tiny bedroom. You can also get a comfy chair or small-sized table for eating snacks.

5. Get the right appliances

There is nothing wrong with placing a device in your teen’s room. But be sure they are things that will not end up causing problems for him or her. You can get a guitar, piano or any other musical instrument your teen likes to play. A computer system will also fit in, but don’t get anything that will put your teen’s life in danger.


As a parent, you need to ensure your teen’s room is comfortable and appealing. You can achieve this without breaking the bank. Also, remember to involve your kid in the planning leading to his or her room designing. You can seek his or her opinion on the preferred colour to use and other items that might be useful in the long room.

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