5 Tips To Beautify Your Home’s Exterior


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Whether it’s a quick glance from a new neighbor passing by or the reaction from friends and relatives for the weekend, those who see the outside of your home will see it as a reflection of you, your taste, and the level of pride you take in your home. Siding and landscaping make a big impact on the exterior of your home. You want them to work together and complement each other, as opposed to detracting from the appeal of the other.

The exterior of a home is a significant first impression that allows a buyer to decide whether they want to continue looking inside. This is why it’s important to make sure the appearance is as good as the inside. If the exterior isn’t as well maintained as the interior, it can do more harm than good for buyers as they’ll see the outside as an indication of what kind of maintenance they can expect from there on out. This means you’ll need some pointers on how to make sure your home looks as attractive as possible from the outside. Ecodesignlandscaping provides the best services for the exterior of your home . Here are some simple tips that you need to know about..

Add a Covered Entrance

A covered entrance, portico, or stoop can make a house feel more inviting. It’s good preparation for the eventual rainy day when you want to keep the kids from tracking mud into the house. But it can also make a positive difference in how the neighborhood views your home, whether you put your home on the market or not.

For an additional flourish, you can add a railing and plant box beneath the portico — as we have — to dress up the area and create a distinct entrance to the house.

Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior

At some point in the life of most homeowners, home exteriors require a facelift. With small cracks and chips becoming more evident and peeling paint on the eaves and trim, it is time to spruce up and impress your family and friends with a renewed appearance. The best way to renew the appearance is pressure cleaning. Pressure washing your home is an affordable means of enhancing the exterior while reducing the effects of weather damage.

Pressure cleaning involves subjecting your home’s surface to high-pressure water spray that detaches dirt, grime, and debris from the exterior walls. This action removes flaking, peeling paint and helps maintain the good condition of the walls. Pressure washing is also done to remove mildew, mineral deposits, and contaminants like mold, algae, lichen, fungus, dust mites, and pollen.

Apart from improving the value of your house, pressure washing is also a great idea if you want to save on future repairs and home maintenance costs. Water and mold damages can really make a dent in your wallet; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Pressure cleaning does not only remove grime and dirt but also helps remove damaged materials such as paint and wallpaper. The results will be noticeable rather quickly.

Hang Window Boxes with A Seamless Look

Window boxes can be an inexpensive way to bring color and charm to plain old brick or boring wood siding. Window boxes can also be an aesthetic addition if you live in a town where zoning laws force small front porches off the main living area of your home. Window boxes can also be an aesthetic addition if you live in a town where zoning laws force small front porches off the main living area of your home.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to enhance the appearance of your home. Call it to curb appeal or real estate porn, but there’s nothing like an inviting look to make people want to come over for a closer inspection. And while lighting can be intimidating (there are so many options!), it truly is one of the easiest ways to make your home stand out in any season.

Also, the security benefits of outdoor lighting go beyond aesthetics. In addition to looking nice, well-lit walkways and steps can also serve as a deterrent to would-be intruders. Illuminated walkways and steps are an effective deterrent to would-be intruders. At first sight of your outdoor lighting, potential homebuyers will feel safer and more secure on the premises than they might with properties that are less well lit. Peace of mind is valuable to all of us and is something that people will pay more money to ensure that they have — especially in their home.

Add a Gate

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These days, people do a lot of research before they buy a home. The way your home looks is probably one of the most important factors that first-time homeowners will consider. Whether you’re selling your house or just looking to improve it, adding a nice new fence can have a major impact on how your property looks.

A well-placed gate can be the centerpiece of any house’s exterior. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be intimidating like a castle’s portcullis or Victorian screens that come equipped with broken glass. Instead, our wooden entryway gates complement rather than command an entrance. They invite visitors into your home while keeping safe any wandering pets, children, or strangers—which is why many of our clients also install them at their driveways.


Your home exterior is probably one of the first things that visitors notice after entering your home. This is because the first impression should not be unpleasant at all. It should be inviting, beautiful, and gorgeous. Now that you have seen several home exterior tips that you can use to upgrade the curb appeal of your home, be sure to use it to your advantage

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