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5 Tips For Keeping a Clean Bathroom

5 Tips For Keeping a Clean Bathroom

The bathroom is a part of the house that everybody in the family needs to use every single day. Whether it’s to bathe themselves or use the toilet, the bathroom is the place where people spend a lot of time.  Because of how frequently it’s used, it can quickly start to get dirty pretty fast. 

And let’s face it; not everyone loves scrubbing the toilets, wiping down the mirrors, and cleaning the drain stopper every day. 

Ideally, you’d probably like your bathroom to stay as clean as possible for a longer amount of time. The great news is that there are ways to minimize your bathroom cleaning. Take a look at some of the best tips on how. 


Half of the battle in the bathroom is all of the stuff that piles up. Between your husband’s shaving cream, your child’s bath toys, and all of your cosmetics, after a while, it starts to look like an explosion of toiletries. It helps to minimize the amount of stuff that you have that’s taking up space for nothing.

Paring down the number of things that you keep in your bathroom is a great way to instantly clear the space. The act of decluttering might not be removing any buildup or scrubbing your toilet, but it will certainly clear the space.   

Wipe Down Surfaces Daily

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In between scrubbing down your bathroom during a deep clean, you should wipe down surfaces with a basic spray and sponge. Although it may not be a deep scrub, a daily wipe is enough to carry you through until your next big cleaning session. Daily upkeep is the best way to buy you more time before you get on your hands and knees and have to scrub again.

Empty The Garbage

Some garbage cans in the house can go without being emptied for a few days. For example, anything that has only paper products probably isn’t going to create a problem. However, the bathroom is a place where you should empty the garbage can regularly. 

Things can start to smell, and you never really know what’s in a bathroom garbage can. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to find out. Just empty the trash can daily, and you’ll find that things smell much better in general. 

Use a Squeegee

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It might sound like an extra hassle; however, wiping down your shower walls with a squeegee every time someone takes a shower can save you a lot of work. It can minimize the amount of scrubbing that you have to do later with bleach and a sponge. A few gentle wipes with a squeegee will avoid any mold or bacterial buildup from stagnant water remaining on the walls. 

Use Bleach Tabs

A great way to avoid having to scrub your toilet all the time is to use toilet bowl cleaner tablets. The tablets will take effect every time that someone flushes the toilet, leaving things fresher than they would be without. Voila!

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