5 Tips For Functional Garages From Garage Door Charlotte



Many homes today are equipped with a garage. But, chances are, not all of those homes are able to maximize the functional purpose of their garage. Perhaps, you may be guilty of that, too.

You see, the modern home doesn’t just have the garage as a space to house the car. Rather, it should be an extension of your home’s useful space. Homeowners who’ve maximized and made good use of their garage also use it for many other functions, like added storage, pantry for dry goods and laundry equipment, and even a small exercise space.

As for you, how functional really is your garage?  If it isn’t close to how you want a garage, there’s still some room for you to change it and improve. You can transform your garage space into an added, useful square footage with strategies like the following:

  1. Replace Your Old Garage Door

If it’s been too long since you’ve had a new garage door, then now’s the time for you to give it an overhaul with the help of experts like Queen City Garage Doors Charlotte. Replacing your garage doors may be an added expense, but it’s a great investment in the long run. In fact, it can bring in economic benefits that’ll have you questioning why you didn’t replace your garage door sooner.

Here’s a rundown of the good reasons why it’s worth replacing your garage door:

  • It improves your home’s curb appeal.
  • It reduces your home’s healing and cooling needs.
  • It increases your home’s security, with added features like the LiftMaster garage door opener.
  1. Transform It Into A Lounge

This second tip applies if you live in a fenced or gated home, and your garage is situated apart from your main house. When you don’t use that garage to park your car or for any other practical purpose, why not transform it into a sun room or an outdoor lounge area?

When you utilize your garage for that purpose, the structure is ready. All you’ll need to add are the minor fixes on the interior to make the space look cozier, more appealing, and also comfortable. Especially now that a lot of individuals are staying at home more than usual, having that outdoor lounge area enables you to enjoy your backyard even more. And, you’ll also have a place to entertain your guests without necessarily ushering them inside your home all the time.


  1. Label Everything

If you’re also using your garage space as added storage space, you’ll have to go beyond putting everything in boxes. Just imagine the stress you’ll go through when you bring up the box at the topmost part of the shelf, thinking it holds your winter clothing, when, in fact, it contains baby items.

You can save yourself that trouble when all boxes are properly labeled. Be as liberal about this as you can be. And, make sure that always put box items in their proper boxes.

  1. Clear Your Garage Out Regularly

If your garage no longer gives you any room to move and the items there are all over the place, then that’s a telling sign you need to give it a good cleaning. Not everything in your garage is still useful, remember that.

Learn to let go of things, and then you’ll realize it to be a good idea. The reason for this is simple—the less things you have to keep, the less clutter you’ll have, and the less items you’ll have to organize. In fact, you’ll start to feel like you finally have more room and square footage in your garage.

Remember that any space in your garage (and home, in general) you use to hold clutter is a waste of space. You can make better use of that space when you no longer have a lot of things to keep.

  1. Transform It Into A Home Office Or Play Area

If there are two rooms many families today now wish to have (but don’t), it’s a home office dedicated for those who are working from home and homeschooling. Then, close to that could also be the kids’ play area. 

When you have a separate room dedicated for either of the said functions, you can significantly control the mess in your home. So, if there’s no other rooms that can have that, why not consider turning your garage into your home office and play area?  Especially when your garage currently has no functional purpose (not even to park your car), turning it into a home office or a play area can make your garage more useful.


With the strategies above, are you now ready to make your garage more functional?  As you can see, there’s no need for any drastic or major change just for you to make better use of it. If there’s one expensive project to do, that’s changing your garage door. The rest of the items above are pretty straightforward and doable, even on your own. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to set time for this pursuit, get dirty, and start working. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your garage be. But, all those efforts you’ll put in will definitely be worth it!

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