5 Tips for Building the Perfect Home Theater Room


Perfect Home Theater Room

A night at the movies was some of our best memories growing up. Maybe that is where your dream started. A wide screen, bass pumping and heart stopping Friday night movie experience. And that only 5 feet away from the kitchen.

Once you have the necessary budget set aside, you should remember to consider some of the following 5 tips from our friends over at Wavetrain Cinemas to make your dream a reality:

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Dedicated Room

The space for your home theater is crucial. You are going to need more than a communal area in the home and more than just an ordinary room. This area in your home is going to require some careful consideration to make it a perfect home theatre room.

Consider how to handle the light coming into the room, one should preferably have a carpeted area to absorb the any unwanted noise and to accentuate the bass effect and plan for the best placement of your electricity supply and internet connection.

Theming And Conceptual Design

Use your own creativity to create your dream space. This is the kind of stuff that you
see in magazines and on your favourite social media feeds. Come up with a theme. Make it a Titanic theme if you want. Or how about a man cave? Here you have license to go crazy. A popcorn machine could work. Or even some epic cinema chairs?

It is important to keep in mind that the kind of concept you go with will have some practical implications. For example, if your theme includes light colours on the walls then you might end up with a contrast issue in the room.


Getting all the acoustics right in your home cinema might require quite a bit of planning. This will influence your choice of flooring, your wall and window coverings and even the kind of furniture your choose.

This is if you want to get it perfect. Alternatively, it might help to just consider laying a decent carpet or putting up some thick curtains by the windows. There are many small elements that will affect the quality of sound in the room; even if you have that super expensive sound system.


As mentioned before, audio and acoustics are very important in your home cinema. You can’t have the one without the other. The kind of audio you get will be very much dependent on the size of your budget. This however is not the beginning and end of your entertainment lounge’.

The size and shape of the room should also be kept in mind, as well as the placement of speakers. To get the best sound for your area, you might consider standing speakers versus ceiling mounted speakers.

Sight Lines

One of the great irritations in life is having your view blocked by the back of someone’s head. Commercial cinemas have the advantage of tiered or sloped flooring whereas in your home cinema you might need to come up with a solution.

If possible one should definitely consider the sloped option (remember ceiling height will also play a role here). If not, then you might want to consider an alternative option like modifying your seats to create a slight slope or arranging the seating in such a way as to avoid anyone having to stare at the back of your head.


This item should go without saying, having a good viewing experience will make or break the experience. If you are buying a TV then you need to make sure to get the right sized one for the size of your room; the same goes for a projector screen.

One should avoid getting a screen so big that when you sit to close then you can’t see the entire picture.

Surge Protector

Last but certainly not least. Once you’ve spent thousands of dollars and many hours on getting your home theater room ready, you’ll need to consider protecting your gadgets against power fluctuations and power failures.

You should look for a surge protector from a reputable brand to ensure that your devices are taken care of in the event of an outage.

This is where the hard work pays off. Now that you have been planning for a few months and saved every extra sent you are now ready to make that dream of your very own home theatre room a reality.

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