5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Pests From Infesting Your Home

Undiluted horror is basically what dealing with pests infestation at home is. Pests might seem cool, cute, and cuddly from afar, but the moment they make their way into your home, they become very annoying, frustrating, and destructive. This is why you should make conscious efforts to keep them far away from your home.

5 Tips For Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid the hassle of dealing with pests in the first instance, you should try to keep them out.

If they’ve already entered your home, you’ll need professional services, like Bug Guys Services, to remedy the situation.

Below are some effective tips to prevent pest infestation or re-infestation.

Keep Your Environment Neat And Tidy

If you want to keep pests away, neatness and tidiness within and around your home are crucial. Why? Pests usually love unclean and untidy areas. For instance, if you leave your dishes piled up and unwashed for days, cockroaches and rats would come by to have a festival.
Keep Your Environment Neat And Tidy

What, then, can you do to avoid this situation? Start by keeping your home clean. Wash your dishes as soon as you’re done eating. Try to cover all unfinished meals or dispose of them properly. Even your pet’s food bowls should be put away when not in use.

To get rid of dirt, which pests also love, your house should be swept or vacuumed regularly. For the exterior part of your house, regularly trim your flowers and mow your lawn. Once your house looks clean, it’d be difficult for pests to get in and stay in. Even if they do, you’ll notice them in time to exterminate them before it turns into a severe infestation situation.

Keep Your Trash Well-Secured

If you aren’t careful, your trash can easily attract rats, raccoons, ants, cockroaches, and the likes. This is why your trash has to be well-secured.

If your trash is usually placed in paper bags or nylon bags before disposal, you should know that animals can easily sniff that. Once the pests get a whiff of it, they might want to find a way in. For this reason, you should place your trash bags in tightly covered trash cans, especially if the trash will remain in your home for a little while.

If you’re taking out your trash immediately, you should still ensure to place it in a tightly sealed trash can. This will help keep animals from having access to it because once they do, they’d keep going back there to find food. And, of course, they’ll bring their families along as well.

Declutter Your Home

Pests love dark, untidy, and cluttered areas. Rats and cockroaches, particularly, love dark and cluttered areas. So, if your home is cluttered, you’re giving pests a free pass.
Declutter Your Home
Pests find it easy to sneak out of those hiding places to find food within the home and then move to their hiding places again. If you want to avoid housing pests, you should arrange your home well and put away unnecessary items that could make your home seem overly crowded.

If possible, discard them or get a mobile storage container to house the additional items. By freeing up your home, pests would have no hiding place. Also, if you have junk or scrap items within your house that could house pests, you should get rid of them.

Seal Animal-entry Points

If your house has unusual entry points, you should fix them because pests could use those as entry points.

For instance, if your doors and windows have underneath or side slip-through points, ants and roaches can get into the house through these points. Rats can also find ways to force themselves through the small entry point just to get into the house. So, take no chances when it comes to fixing animal-entry points or hideouts.

Since they’re the most susceptible entry points, your main focus areas should be the foundation, vents, chimneys, attics, pipe holes, roofs, which are also the easiest hideouts. Once the entry points and possible hideouts are fixed, you’ll reduce the risk of pest infestation.

Consider Getting A Dog Or Cat

If you’re a pet lover, then you’d know that having pets to share one’s life with is amazing. But having a cat or dog can be more than just that; they can also be your furry little protector.
Consider Getting A Dog Or Cat
If you have rats or even roaches scurrying around your houses, cats might be your second-best option for dealing with the situation. The first option is to request the service of pest control professionals. As for dogs, they can also help you get rid of different pests. Their presence alone can warn off intruding animals.


Putting diverse measures in place to reduce the risk of pest infestation might seem a hassle, but it’s worth it. Your mind would be at peace that rats, cockroaches, and the likes, can’t take over your home.

At times, even with the prevention measures given above, some pests might still find their way in. This is why you should always have a pest removing service provider that can handle the pests before a full infestation takes place.

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