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5 Things to Know before Deciding on a Plunge Pool

This type of swimming pool has a dramatic and steeply angled end, usually with a fixed or removable ladder.

Its unique features make it an excellent addition to any home with limited outdoor space. However, one should note that it requires more effort, skill, and money, especially when dealing with plumbing. 

The designers of the plunge pool prefer to build them in front yards where everybody can view them, as these are intended for entertainment. They are mainly designed for aesthetic purposes rather than water utility.

What Are the Benefits? 

A plunge pool will allow people to have an enjoyable time in a swimming pool. They can enjoy swimming with less effort and exertion and relax with one or two friends or family members. People cannot throw a party here with a  massive number of guests because this is smaller than a regular pool. Hence, the cost of installation is also less.  

Top Things to Know before Installing 

Water Capacity

The water volume is usually measured in the total capacity of the pool, but it can also be represented by gallons per minute. The upper limit varies on the diameter and height, but it should be big enough to contain sufficient water. If the property is smaller and more compact, one should consider installing a shallow end for extra space and depth. Folks can monitor the depth by installing a removable ladder that provides easy access to change water levels.


It is an essential factor to consider. It can improve your swimming experience and should be positioned where guests can watch. People may also want one for kids to play in. So, ensure that the location is safe and has adequate coverage compared to other hazards such as trees or shrubs. The water must be clean, clear, and free of debris so that folks can enjoy swimming with less effort. Some might also choose floating floors, which will not require much maintenance.

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Plumbing Basics

Such puddles have their plumbing requirements. People should have a system that would deliver water to their puddles and be at ease when installing or changing the plumbing lines. Just like other swimming ponds, it is recommended that folks have a drain pump as it will provide continuous circulation for all the water. 

Depth Options

Depending on the size of one’s property and the number of people, one can opt for a shallow or deep-end pond. The shallow end will be good for small yards and give more jumping room. Meanwhile, fellows can install a deep-end to relax in the hot summer. 

Types of Ladders

The basic types of ladders are fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl. Depending on the model you want to install, you will have to choose from any of these types. The fiberglass option costs a little more than the other two, but for its compelling features, you should consider. It is robust, durable, and an excellent choice for families. Furthermore, it has a reasonably flexible design that will allow you to adjust the ladders according to the height by which the water passes.

Final Words 

You must remember that plunging ponds are more for aesthetic purposes than water utility, which means people who use them want to enjoy the beautiful views and relax. So, if you are considering installing such a thing or renovating your existing one, follow the tips above to get maximum enjoyment while swimming.

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