5 Things To Do Before Calling Mobile Locksmith Services



Security should always be a priority for homeowners, and the lock is the basic security device in any home. Locks are found in every part of your home, including the doors, windows, and garage. Even your vehicle has a locking mechanism.

Whether you have a superior locking system or a basic one, the time will come when you’ll face issues once you place the key into the lock. For most, the immediate response is to get in touch with mobile locksmith services.

The door lock mechanism may no longer work due to debris or dirt buildup, or it may require lubrication. Calling a locksmith is your best bet when it comes to serious lock issues. If you can open the door, consider replacing the lock with a new one. However, if you don’t have the time or don’t want the hassle, mobile locksmith services may be a suitable option. It might be best to look into reliable providers such as Clarks Locksmith Solutions and others.  

However, there are some things you may do with your lock because it could be a minor problem that you can troubleshoot before consulting a professional. Check out this list:

Lubricate The Lock

Some locks, particularly older ones, are prone to jamming, and all locks have multiple moving interior components that could be the cause of the issue.

Lubricate your locks routinely as part of maintenance, especially if dust and filth tend to accumulate over time. A locksmith will gladly tell you that the first thing to do is attempt to lubricate the lock. This way, the key can easily glide in and do its work. 

You can apply a small amount of graphite spray or silicone-based lubricant. In most cases, this is enough to unlock a jammed lock.

Check To See If The Door Is Out Of Alignment

Often, the door can exert excessive force on its hinges, or some screws are already slack. In such circumstances, the door is likely to drop, and even a minor degree is enough to affect how the locking mechanism works. One technique you could try is to lift the door. It’s best to finish the process by enlisting the help of a family member and then trying to open the door to see if it works.

You can’t always keep a misaligned door though. You might as well have it replaced and what better choice than a custom-made security door?


Shift The Key Around  

There are also cases when the pins within the lock deteriorate with age. If this happens, you may occasionally have difficulty unlocking the door.

In such cases, you might want to take it easy when placing the key into the lock. Try to slowly take the key out and put it back in the lock or move the key from side to side once it’s in the lock. Doing so may be able to open the door. It might be time to have a new key cut. If you don’t want the hassle, have your lock replaced with a more durable type of lock.  

Use A Spare Key

Every homeowner should have spare keys for all the home locks. If you find it hard to open one of the doors in your home, you might want to try using the spare key. It’s best to keep one in a safe place only you know. In most cases, your main key may be worn out and no longer fit. Your spare, however, should be as good as new and fit for the job. 

Extract A Broken Key From The Lock With Pliers

When you end up with a broken key in the lock, it can be a frustrating ordeal that often occurs when you least expect it, but it’s something you can fix if you have the right tools. If this occurs, avoid locking or unlocking the door further because the broken key will likely be inserted further into the locking mechanism, making it difficult to retrieve.

If you can reach a portion of the broken key, try placing the tip of a needle-nosed plier into the keyhole to grasp and draw it out. If this procedure doesn’t work, it’s time to call mobile locksmith services.

Final Thoughts  

Hiring a locksmith is important because you require dependable services to handle critical security components in your home. However, there are times when a problem with one of the locks is something you can handle on your own if you consider these measures before calling mobile locksmith services.

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