5 Things to Consider Before Buying Printed Roller Blinds

Home décor is never easy, choosing the right accessories is always a tough job, especially when you want to decorate the focal point of the house – windows. Selecting the right blinds for windows is very confusing because there are so many designs and styles available now.

Roller blinds have become popular due to their amazing design and flexible nature. People are loving the concept of these blinds as they can roll up halfway through and adjust the lighting levels themselves. The option of printed roller blinds has made these an optimal choice for people.

Nevertheless, getting some attractive printed roller blinds is not a piece of cake. Here are 5 things to consider before buying printed roller blinds.


Printed Roller blinds are available in many styles, it all depends on what you want.

Depending on your need, you can choose from block out roller blinds, light filtering roller blinds, or sunscreen roller blinds and many more. All these blinds serve a different purpose, some tend to block out the light while some expose you to the light.

Moreover, the style of printed roller designs also vary. You can look for floral designs with pastel colors or you can get your hands on some bright colors to light up the whole environment.

Everyone has some preferences while choosing blinds. Some are looking for trendy designs to give an aesthetic look to their house while some just want to cover their windows. So, before making your purchase decision, consider what sort of style you want for blinds. If you are skeptical about the style, then check https://www.ewf.com.au/plantation-shutters-stylish-timber-finish/.

Look out for Different Materials

If you’re wondering about the material, then it comes in vinyl, wood, aluminum. If you’re looking for high-quality roller blinds, then there’s nothing better than aluminum because they are durable. However, for inexpensive options, you can see fabric or vinyl.

There are a lot of fabrics available in printed roller blinds. There’s a translucent fabric that doesn’t block out light completely and exposes you to light partially. But many people prefer dark and dim surroundings and don’t want any exposure to light.

Thus, for such people, there’s blackout fabric that blocks light. Don’t worry, blackout is just the name of the fabric, the design and style would be as per your requirements. Just like this, there are many other fabrics available. Thus, look out for what you need before buying a printed roller blind.

Maintenance Requirements

Do you see blinds with dust and dirt on every slap? This happens because cleaning some blinds is a heck of a task. It’s impossible to clean the fine space between the blinds without any instrument. Roller blinds eliminate this problem since they are covered with the fabric.
Maintenance Requirements
However, it depends on the fabric of the printed roller blinds. Some of them are too fragile and may get damaged. Thus, you need to gently use a vacuum or a cloth to clean these blinds. This technique can help in removing small stains and dirt, but for proper cleaning, you have to seek help from an expert.

After all, the job doesn’t end after installing some fancy printed roller blinds. You have to follow a proper maintenance regime for these blinds. Thus, before choosing the printed roller blinds look out for the maintenance requirements.

Determine Your Need for Light

One of the most crucial things is to determine how much light you want. This is because for every environment there’s a different need. For instance – for offices, there are sunscreen roller blinds installed because they prevent heat and rays of the sun, without restricting the light. Hence, you have to decide on which place you’re getting roller blinds.

In the living room, most people want a shinning bright environment, thus they opt for translucent fabric. Similarly, for the kitchen the requirement of light is different. Moreover, if you’re getting printed roller blinds for the kitchen, then make sure to get the water-resistant fabric since the atmosphere is moist.

Some people like keeping their bedrooms bright while some want to ensure privacy, allowing minimum exposure to light. Determining the need for light is very crucial for selecting the right fabric for blinds too. Hence, consider how much light you want before buying any printed roller blinds.

Consider the Theme of your House

This is very crucial, you can’t just install roller blinds out of the blue. They have to be in accordance with the theme of your house, matching the overall aesthetics. There are many designs available for printed roller blinds.
Consider the Theme of your House
It all depends on your choice and preferences. For instance – with white furniture, you can’t install cheetah printed roller blinds, they would look extremely awful and unappealing. Whereas, for children’s rooms you can opt for some printed roller blinds with cartoon figures.

You also have an option for customizing the design of the roller blinds as per your preferences. Moreover, the installation process varies depending on whether you’re getting automate blinds or hand-operating ones.

Final verdict

Decorating windows is an integral part of the house and can change the look for your entire house. Thus, getting the most appropriate roller blinds becomes very essential.

At the same time, this is not easy, the availability of so many options make it tough to choose the right blind. Thus, here are 5 things to consider before buying printed roller blinds, mentioned above.

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