5 Things to Check Off Your List Before Starting A Construction Project



Whether starting a residential or commercial construction project, you need to keep an eye on critical factors to achieve the desired outcome. Before starting a construction project, it’s important to have a plan and check off all the necessary items. This includes budgeting for the project, finding the right location, and ensuring that the materials are correct. jns-homes.com offers tips and advice on every part of the construction process, from choosing the right contractor to choosing the right material.

Moreover, research shows over 96% of construction projects are not delivered on time. These statistics show a high probability that your construction project can also get delayed. Therefore, you must take measures beforehand to ensure everything goes according to your plan. 

Starting a construction project is more than just having an image in your head, hiring a construction crew, and getting started. You need to consider several vital points and check off your list. Without any delay, let’s find out what you need to know before starting a construction project. 

Be Careful While Choosing a Location

A location where you want to build a house significantly impacts your budget and overall project. Also, every location has specific regulations that you need to follow. For example, you may want to construct a seven-story commercial building in an area, but it cannot be possible if it is against the policy of that location. Therefore, before choosing a location, you must know whether you will be able to build the property of your choice or not. 

You need to consult property agents and let them know your needs. Experienced property agents know what types of properties are allowed in different zones, so they can guide you better. 

Get an Estimate of Property Tax

Before planning your construction project, you must clearly know the property taxes as per your state or city. Each state has certain criteria to calculate the property tax. To get an accurate estimate, consult experienced property tax accountants in your region. It will give you a clear idea about the overall cost of tax you must pay after completing your property. 

Also, consulting a property tax assessor is crucial for any construction project because it helps you create the budget accordingly. Any additional cost to your budget at the last moment can affect the entire construction project management. Having an estimate of property tax in advance can also help you avoid penalties. 

Focus on Budget 

Having a realistic budget can play a key role in completing a construction project efficiently. You need to find a competent contractor with a proven track record who can help you create a budget. In this way, you will be able to know the estimated cost of your construction project so that you can manage your expenses accordingly. 

While creating a budget, you need to know which costs can impact your construction projects, such as manufacturing, general contractors, brokers, and labor cost. On the basis of these costs, you can make a suitable budget that will help you manage the expenses of the construction project efficiently.  

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Get Zoning Permits 

After choosing the location according to your vision, the next step is to get the zoning permits. Zoning permits give you an idea of what type of structure you can construct on a particular land. It will have complete details for the divisions and structure of the plot that you have purchased. 

If you are building a commercial property, you need to get the building permit as well from your local zoning department. It is used for the property’s architecture that describes the building’s physical features, safety, and how it will affect the surroundings. 

Stick to Project Deadline 

As mentioned above, delays in construction projects are common, so you need to have a foolproof plan to stick to the project deadline. You need to plan when you want to complete a construction project, so you can take steps accordingly. 

For example, if you are constructing a double-story house, you must ensure that the required resources are available according to project needs. You need to understand that if more workforce is available for the project, chances are high that you will finish the project on time. 

Also, you must discuss everything beforehand with your contractor to get a rough idea of the estimated completion time of the project. Remember that if you want an additional labor force for your project, you also have to manage your budget accordingly. If you can afford to hire additional staff, it will positively impact the project’s productivity. You also have to consider different factors that can cause delays in the project. For example, due to weather conditions, you may have to delay the finishing process


Managing a construction project is a complex task. You need to monitor various factors to ensure everything works smoothly. From planning a budget to getting a property tax estimate and choosing a location to getting zoning permits, you need to keep every factor in mind. It will help you ensure the hassle-free completion of your construction project. 

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